Oversized for Summer

Oversized pieces are among the trends for next winter, but some brands and celebrities already abuse them right away.   And for the summer, the larger and wider frame pieces are great for minimalistic looks or also for wearing something looser in days Very hot.

You can even wear some wider clothing, even without being oversized, but the extremely larger pieces that your biotype already come with their own structures to impress, are perfect pieces to wear with shorter shorts and shorter skirts, for a more ‘Modern Gypsy’ style ‘, Composed with long skirts and flare pants are a great move!

The gowns, dresses and coats are preferred when setting up something with this fever of dress the widest and stripped.

Maxi earrings, bracelets, rings OR necklaces also become great friends when mixed with other more delicate details. As I always say, the secret is knowing how to balance.

Check out some suggestions for inspiration:

And the best part: The Oversized trend that is already being used in Europe and the United States is one of the bets for the winter. So, fashionistas. They can prepare to overlap and abuse the larger pieces!

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