Negative Pregnancy Test: Still Pregnant?

A negative result in a pregnancy test can provide both relief and disappointment. But how secure is the test result?

Negative Pregnancy Test Still Pregnant

A pregnancy test makes every woman nervous. No matter what outcome you hope for – positive or negative – the elapsing minutes to the final result seem to last half an eternity. But how reliable is the result? Can a woman who has just a preventive tension breathe freely when the pregnancy test is negative? And should really make a big disappointment, if you have actually hoped for a positive result? According to a study, the question is whether the test is meaningful, at what point in time it was carried out.

Pregnancy Test: Negative Result

Since 1998, the website “” has already offered women the opportunity to record and monitor their fertile days on their website and by now using an app to increase the chance of a pregnancy. In one of their studies, those in charge were concerned with the reliability of negative pregnancy tests. In addition, they investigated nearly 6,000 records, where a negative test result later followed a pregnancy. Only the data records were considered, where the later pregnancy was positive – so it did not cause a miscarriage. Here at you can get more different models of the pregnancy information.

The results suggest two conclusions, as the experts report on their website. On the one hand, the probability of a false negative pregnancy test is comparatively high until the eleventh day after ovulation. After this time the risk for a wrong negative test result would drop again.

When Is The Positive Test Result Reliable?

In order to be sure that a positive pregnancy test is actually reliable, according to the experts of “” one must wait until the 14th day after ovulation. At this time, about 80 percent of the initially negative test results turned into a positive one when a pregnancy actually existed. It is therefore advisable to carry out a pregnancy test as late as possible, at least if the pure curiosity is to be nursed. Certainly, it is not always possible to wait so long.