Myths and Truths about Breastfeeding

Many first, second or third trip mothers still have several questions about the use of electric pumps and on what occasions they can be used.

A myth that always appears between moments of exchange of experiences and goes through the reports on the wheels of conversations, blogs and maternal social networks is the idea that only women who need to store milk to go to work use the pump of milk extraction.And this is not real!

Withdrawal of the excess produced, for example, can relieve breast weight and stimulate continuous milk production.Check out other myths and truths on the topic:

Extraction of milk will decrease the amount of milk produced:MYTH
The withdrawal does not diminish in any way the quantity of milk of the mother and sucked by the baby.The mother will make the withdrawal of the excess produced and the most interesting, constantly stimulating its production. And you can get more from

It is necessary to massage the breast before using the pump:TRUTH
This step is fundamental and has as main objective to stimulate all the ducts of the breast, because even if the breast does not appear full, this step will stimulate the milk production.

Pumps are unnecessary if the mother is not away from home often: MYTH
Milk extraction is not necessary only for mothers who are returning to work.It can also help in increasing milk production, milk supply or facilitate feeding a premature baby who is still learning to suck.

Milk buildup can cause mastitis:TRUTH
Mastitis is an inflammation of the sinus glands.Among the ways to avoid the formation of these nodules are: constant massages, warm compresses and the extraction of milk until the relief of pain.

Nursing mothers can only use electric pumps once a day:MYTH
The withdrawal of milk can be done as many times as the mother deems necessary, this in no way decreases the quantity produced.Also, it does not hurt the nipple or it causes new fissures.

Electric pump causes sagging of the breast:MYTH
Breastfeeding in general does not cause sagging of the breast.It is a myth very widespread among mothers and when we talk about withdrawing milk, this is strengthened.Some women mistakenly believe that the “excess” of sucking can cause weakening of the sinus muscles, but this is not true.