Mother’s Life-Celebrating Every Day!

Last 28 day, celebrated a very important date; the 3 months of Manu!

And because I consider this so important?

It marks the end of the first quarter of a baby, which in my opinion is one of the most tiring.

You can imagine how I got these months; vanish the chop of a child of 2 years ultra active during the day, with sleepless nights spent taking care of a newborn and breastfeeding exclusively in chest.

Every day that passes I think; 1.

I guess I can celebrate these 3 months because they in fact passed … and Yes, I survived!! Although in the early days thought it was the end of time so absurdly exhausted I was.

And that date also marks the end of some fears and insecurities I had before Manu was born;

Will I love it as much as I love the Bruna?

Is she going to have cramps?

Will she cry a lot?

Will it suck right?

Will it pass unscathed the viruses carried by sister (have some illness was my biggest fear)

Will be able to work and take care of everything with 2 kids at home?

So today, in honor of Manu, I’m going to light 3 candles. Each celebrating a reason!

The first is to celebrate that Manu hardly gave me work. She seems to respect all I have to do and handle, and spends the day next to me still … be looking at me, is sleeping and not cry for nothing. I can’t count how many times she cried of truth. Finally it’s almost sleeping 7 hours straight, that was my goal for this new life.

I also want to celebrate the fact that she didn’t have even colic or 1 bean to account history. Yes, I am very blessed by this, and so does she. As it passed away to the annoyances of the first quarter which helps a lot to be a quiet and very smiley baby.

And the last candle is going to celebrate her health and Bruna, who managed to pass without a resfriadinho or virus in this period where I was scared to death that some of them got sick and passed for another.

I talk a lot of real life here on the blog, I speak what I feel, the difficulties of raising a child, insecurities. But today I just want to say that all this is worth it, and I feel fully realized.

I think the benefit of creating a second son is facing more than take the difficulties of this phase, remembering that she passes in a ludicrous speed. And Moms with colicky children remember, doesn’t seem to end, but the cramps also.

Manu is already tight, laughing, holding things, using diaper… is no longer a fragile baby… and I’m falling in love every day more. I really didn’t think I could love so much the second son.

And cliché or not, the truth is that love is divided between the two kids, multiplies! Lucky us that mothers have felt the greatest love in the world and that each child is renewed.

Imagine who has 3, 4, 5 children…

So mothers in the first quarter of a baby… Celebrate each day won, because I can guarantee that when they soon get the first spontaneous smile or look deep and fixed for you, all those sleepless nights, fatigue accumulated and feel that our life has stopped in time and space lose their strength, and very soon you don’t even remember more that passed through this!!! And those doubts and insecurities of prior births soon will clarify.

And is there anything more delicious than to receive this smile of a serzinho so small, you don’t know anything yet, I just smile because you’re happy?!

And the week start so happy for all the Moms who have a treat like that at home!