Most Common Errors in Feeding Your Child

Most common mistakes in feeding your child. Many of us can not even take good care of our own food, mainly due to the haste and commitments of modern life in which we have no time for anything and never.

Most Common Errors in Feeding Your Child

In this context, taking care of our children’s food becomes a huge challenge. Their organism is different from ours, so they can not eat the same as us, making this challenge even greater.

All parents want their children better. Here are some ideas on how to best feed your child in a healthy and balanced way.

With a colorful and interesting diet for the little ones. We will do this by highlighting the mistakes most parents make in this context, so that we can find the best solutions.

Mistakes Some Parents Make in Feeding Children

Do not vary in diet

The child being in the stage of growth and development needs more than the adults of a balanced diet. For this, even foods that she does not like like carrots and other vegetables need to be added to the dish from time to time. Creativity with sandwiches or fried vegetables may be a good idea.

Always do the will of your child

The child is not prepared to choose the menu itself, because his taste is not sufficiently experienced. For example, we adults, although obviously we have our preferences we are able to enjoy different types of food. The child, on the contrary, when he discovers a food that he likes very much, he wants to eat only that. The reason for this is that children do not have a tasteful and mature taste. So even if the child pisses, give her what she needs, not just what she wants.

Do not respect children’s schedules

Children need to have parents’ schedules for everything, including food. Sometimes over the weekend, everything becomes a mess, changing the child’s schedule. Do not make that mistake and keep the schedules, including those for children’s meals, even for the weekend.

Giving wrong names to food

Do not call the vegetables by the same name, because it is not impossible that the child likes some vegetables, and does not like the others. If the child thinks it’s all the same, she’ll forget what she liked and hate everything. Then give the correct names to each food.

Dine in front of the TV

TV distraction is often used by parents to keep children standing in the same place while they eat. However, this can be counterproductive because the child needs focus and tranquility at mealtime so that she can feel the flavors well and enjoy the wonderful moment of feeding.