Moment Has Arrived, Have You Bought The Maternity Leave?

Mommy is happy and anxious because the big moment has arrived, nine months of pure expectation have come to an end, and finally, Mom can already proudly show the newest member of the family.

With the baby’s birth, it’s time to start moving and chasing after what’s lacking.Precautionary parents, they buy everything with a certain advance, this brings more tranquility to the couple and more time to enjoy the newborn. One of the indispensable things for a pregnant woman and that must be acquired in advance, is the maternity leave, after all a moment as special as this, deserves a special baby clothes. This maternity kit is indispensable for the first day of birth of the baby, and it is with it that parents will take the super stylish newborn home.

In general trade, we find maternity leave of all types and models, the vast majority are classic kits with only the essential, and this is the one we should give preference to, as we all know, babies develop at a speed Incredible, in addition, Mom does not want to lose the pleasure of picking, everything that your child will use. The maternity outfit most indicated, consists of only 2 pieces that are: 01 overalls and 01 blanket that can be made of thread, plush or mesh.

The fabric chosen by the mother will be according to the season of the year in which the baby will be born or according to the region of the country in which it is. Maternity outlets made of mesh or suedine are ideal for warmer climates. The clothes made in line or plush, are more suitable for the mild or cold climates.

Nowadays, fashion also influences baby clothes with trend and colors, we can find in the market several maternity outfits with dress for baby girl, with short overalls for baby boy and some models with baby door instead of the traditional blanket .

The maternity exit has more a visual aspect than a functional one, since it is used only as the name says, for the maternity leave, so you can feel free to buy the model that suits you best and leave your baby More beautiful than ever, of course, taking into account only our tips on region and climate.

Because it is only two or three parts, and logically will not be discarded after use, ideally, the mother should take at least two maternity leave to the hospital. As we all know, newborn babies tend to easily put out their mother’s ingested milk, and of course you will not want to show the pimpolho to relatives and friends with that sour smell, so keep in mind that accidents happen , Always prefer to be prepared for everything, try to take nothing more nothing less than two sets of maternity leave to the hospital.

Does Maternity Leave Come Down To Just Two Or Three Pieces?

It is quite curious to talk about the maternity leave , most people and shopkeepers are more concerned about the clothes that the baby will wear on the first day of life, also with the mantinha and etc. But we can still cite a myriad of accessories that you’re sure to want to take to motherhood.

As you all know, little ones are unpredictable, when you least expect it, here comes all your mother’s milk on top of that new little jumpsuit, and I bet you mommy, do not you want to show the little pimple with that sour smell? Well, then the idea of ​​just buying a maternity leave has already fallen to the ground, at least two overalls to ensure that the newest member of the family is presenting elegantly and that sweet and sweet baby smell that all women love.

The Maternity Leave, Will Not You Record That Moment?

Of course, like any mother owl and father too, you would not want to miss this special moment that is the birth of the baby, everything needs to be recorded from birth until the first days of life, so parents, stay tuned. With the rush to get to maternity quickly, many parents end up forgetting everything at the time of leaving, so it is very important that the baby’s bag is ready before even the time to go to maternity leave, put everything you could need , Avoid unforeseen, take also what not to use, after all think well, imagine having to put the hubby to stay going and returning from home when in fact he also wants to enjoy the little one who has just arrived.

For everything to be organized as it should be, you will need a beautiful baby handbag to take to the maternity ward, preferably a fashion and with plenty of pockets, and it looks like this is still not the main purse. When I say fashion or a more fucking purse, it’s just to say that you’re sure to need two, so it will be easier to sanitize one while you have the other one in reserve. Also the fact that having two models of maternity bag can help a lot, for example, you needed to take the baby to grandma’s house to spend a whole day there, so of course you will need to put everything the little one would need For a whole day, and consequently, would be no small thing, now with smaller bags and more relaxed, you can make quick rides and put only the essential items for the pimpolho, such as water nipple, a diaper change, a cloth diaper And things like that.

Going back to what to put in the maternity bag , do not forget the camera, it is very common to entrust this task to someone and at the time “H” the person in charge of recording everything, tells you that forgot the camera. So do not count on the luck, put a camera in the baby’s bag with the batteries to record at least an hour of photos.

Returning to the clothing, as stated above, only one maternity leave is not enough, so try putting at least two overalls in the bag. Two cloth diapers are also advisable, since babies often put the milk out constantly, nothing better than putting a cloth diaper at the time of breastfeeding.

Ointment of the type Hipoglós also can not miss, of course one unit is enough, and also of course makes great difference, since it is essential for the welfare of the little ones.

Items For Mom To Include In Maternity Leave

Sutien of breastfeeding

Pajamas for cold

Sweaters with front opening for easy breastfeeding

Absorbent Package

Although hospitals have absorbents, nothing better than taking a night pack of your favorite brand and you trust.

Bathroom toiletries

Telling that you will receive many visits from relatives and friends, of course you will want to be beautiful and fragrant to receive visitors, of course, no perfumes, the more neutral the products you will use in the better body, shampoo, soap , Toothbrush and a good moisturizer, will make you feel better, but be careful, nothing to pass products on the breasts, after bath, thoroughly rinse the area of ​​the breasts so that the baby does not release bubbles when burping.

Maternity clothes

Chilean finger or sandal

Large panties

Large panties, preferably cotton, that were already in use during pregnancy. After delivery, especially if it’s a cesarean, be very careful not to put anything tight, you will be sensitive and in pain, so making it worse is not good at all.

Learn How To Choose The Best Maternity

Support. That’s what Mom needs right away when she finds out she’s pregnant. At work, in the family sphere, in the different circles of friendship and coexistence. When the pregnancy advances and when it arrives in the final stretch.

Of course, the first few months and the rest of his life. Nothing changes a woman’s life more than changing from an individual to a mother. It sounds like a cliché, everybody says the same thing, and yet it’s a fact: everything changes, life changes forever. The list of priorities is redone, now who comes first is always the baby. Ah yes, prepare to worry always. With the colic in the late afternoon at six, the first-year stumbles, and all the mistakes and hits-yours and theirs-the rest of their lives.

Decisions about childbirth are super important, and are the first that you will take as your mother. The choice of the doctor, the maternity and how the baby will be born determines the scenario of the most important moment of your life. It is clear that the final decision belongs to the mother and it is she who must weigh everything that matters to the family at the moment: if the doctor and childbirth will be paid by the health agreement, if the birth will be normal or cesarean if the child is born In a hospital, in a maternity ward, in a birthing house, or at home, all that is up to the parents, because the moment is theirs. But the good people who can lend a hand, so let’s highlight the most important points when choosing where your child will come to the world.

For Those Who Prefer A Normal And Humanized Birth

It is essential to seek a motherhood that accepts companionship. In addition, it has a bath, shower, Swiss bag (pilates type) and the availability for the pregnant woman to walk, the hallway or the room, the idea is to minimize the pain in the most natural way possible, avoiding the use of anesthesia, and Structures that allow the pregnancy to go through labor, and may seek more comfortable positions such as squatting, with a special stool or in the water, using the tub with warm water. The pregnant woman needs to feel comfortable and welcomed and have her basic needs met in order to safely go through labor and establish a stronger bond with the baby.

Is Your Pregnancy Considered A Risk?

Pregnancy is considered a risk when the mother or baby is at risk of death, even if minimal. This can be due to the occurrence of chronic diseases in the mother, such as hypertension, diabetes, preeclampsia, or eclampsia or malformations in the baby. The mother in this situation should prefer a maternity that is supported by a hospital structure, that can serve her in case of emergency, an adult and neonatal, as well as equipment such as incubators and electrocardiograms. It takes a multidisciplinary medical team capable of solving problems that may require an emergency correction surgery or a more accurate diagnosis.

For Moms Who Find It Important To Breastfeed

Look for a maternity ward that shares your appreciation for breastfeeding. It should offer professionals who guide the mother to breastfeed the right way in the postpartum period. It is essential that the baby nurse in the first hour of life. Some maternities take the baby to the nursery and breastfeed with formula. If you are against, knock your foot off and demand that your child stay with you. In this case, you will need a maternity that has rooming-in. Nursing moms rely on nurses who guide the way babies drink beaks and the areola, they ensure that the baby gets the correct amount of milk he needs.

Maternity Leave Products

The Enchanted Stork has all the necessary items for you to get your maternity leave and many other items you will need. There are hundreds of models for babies boys and girls with unbeatable prices and special conditions of payment, we also have maternity bags with exclusive models and for all kinds of occasion.