Mom Tip, How to Get HipoglÓS Clothing

I’ve tested it and it showed here on the blog several brands of ointments to prevent and treat diaper rash. Have several that I like, but the funny thing is that one of my favorites is still the good old Hipoglós. The original, with that awful smell and super sticky but that is in fact effective. To this day I use in girls. And at any sign of rash or irritation, use Hipoglós and improvement in time.

The problem of Hipoglós, and incidentally that other brands doesn’t have, is that if he pulled over in any tissue, is a headache take. In addition to stick, leave a yellowish stain super hard to get out. When step on Bruna always spot those panties. And when step on Manu, most of the times she runs off and dirty the blanket off the bed, Swaddle and any place to pull over. Also use around the mouth of the Manu because she has an allergy to pacifier that improves in time with Hipoglós, but every stain pillowcases and sheets from the cradle.

SEIA easier I don’t use Hipoglós, huh?! Yes, it would.

But I love and still works very well here. Out that in addition to using the girls I use enough to spend on dark circles, moisturizing lip, pass on the sole of the foot well, 1001 utilities that can even lay a post later!

So today I wanted to pass on a tip that will help other mothers or the pregnant women Hipoglós fans but who also suffer to get the stains caused by them. Noting that all the tips are without the use of chemicals or cleaning since we’re talking about pieces of infant use.

One of the options is to boil your clothes, this causes the ointment comes loose and the stain vanish. Another option would be to let the clothes soak with SOAP and water in the Sun, it also causes the Hipoglós skirt. This option to let in the Sun is a super effective solution for many types of stain.

If little baby the best is pass coconut SOAP (bar), scrub and soak in the Sun for 1 hour. Then rinse well until the stain of Hipoglós skirt. If you don’t get out, repeat the whole process again until the stain out.

Some people also tend to pass white vinegar over the stain and let the clothes in the Sun then just scrub well with coconut SOAP.

And you also use Hipoglós and know any other tips to clean the clothes?