Miriam Column: Professional X Mother of Mother Home

Hi girls!!!

Well, maybe some of you already know me, but for those who don’t, I want to officially introduce myself…
I am a Mi (Miriam), and between so many things I am and I do, I’m the mother of Victoria (2 years and 3 months) and Sofia (which this way), being right or wrong, everything in my life, involves or is directly related to them today, and I know, that it will be this way forever.
At the invitation of the Ka, accepted the delicious invitation to write here. So, from time to time I will be sharing with you some tips, my learnings, and my mother’s daily life directly from Miami … hope you like it.
I feel truly honored to be able to be a part of this space, and also be able to share with hundreds of other mothers, my experiences.
I hope you enjoy…

In this post introduction, I want to tell a little more about me. .. and also, how I got here.
After all, nothing better than a start a relationship of friendship, in a very personal and intimate, doesn’t it?!
* I hope the delivery is mutual. as I’m going to reveal to you…. I also know the history of each one, and be able to learn a little more about motherhood with the experience of all of you.
Let’s gossip maternal findings “together, in the highest style” afternoon tea with friends. “… (laughs)

A little more than 1 year and a half, my husband and I have decided to live in Miami–we loved the city, and we came with a certain frequency here. The desire to live in Miami, has always existed within us–even before the arrival of Victorinha (our eldest daughter) in our lives.
And the change happened so natural, that today, I believe and I believe, that this desire is so strong within us and so present in our thoughts, that somehow the universe conspired in our favor.
When Victoria was born (we were still arranging our way here) and as I had decided to stop working for a period-faced motherhood “alone” = without help of nanny.

I usually play, that perhaps my decision was my subconscious, getting ready for the “American life” that I would have to adapt (laughs)
All kidding aside, the big truth is, as I said before, when Victoria was born, I was not working and even had plans to go back to work so soon – so, in my view, there was no sense hiring a nanny, since I had time to devote to this task, by 12:00 am/7 days a week.

No trial girls… don’t disapprove of any way, mothers who choose and rely on help from Baba and also a nurse’s help.
I confess, that today I even admire moms who hire nannies … because I see how hard is this relationship, and how hard it is to find a really good professional for this post. I don’t really know if I-Miriam know dealing with this “dependency” and constant search for corrina.

At the time he lived in Brazil, I had an employee who was helping me with the chores of the House during the week, so for more tiring than was caring for a newborn nascida…eu still had a breather, someone who’d help me clean the House, prepare lunch, etc.
But with our coming here (Miami), everything changed, my life really understood the meaning of the phrase: “I don’t have time for anything else”.

With our arrival in the United States, took over the household chores as well… and with that, my routine earned a different logistics.
You’re wrong those who think they work outside the home is more difficult or more difficult… housework, is that it is a job for the strong.
The housework never ends….
It’s definitely the most thankless work that exists.
There’s always time to start and never has time to finish.
The “Office” is being literally your House…. ie not to reach work and more work.
Of course there are maids in Miami-but frankly cleaning them, inconsistent with the salary request.
And I still can’t get this monetary loosening, the point of granting the requested value (monthly) them-without feeling pain in his pocket.
Therefore, my days have been really busy, between giving attention and care everything about Victoria, and also take care of the business of the House, and still take care of my business.

Yes, I know, crazy start a project new professional, in the midst of so many other duties to perform. But I couldn’t!
Was already almost 2 years a complete stop of the labour market – and I couldn’t stand the idea of being only “home”…. This was killing me inside!
Don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t born only to be housewife…
I like having a particular universe, a universe where the protagonist is my job and what I produce.
A place where I feel useful and also be able to earn my own money–a freedom, which always worked well know what I’m talking about, and it’s really hard to let go of this freedom.

So remember, when someone tells you that you’re not going to get anything, remember that you can and you can do anything you really want to do.
My House, modesty is very organized. My daughter, modesty is very polite, charming! And today, I can say I feel performed professionally, too-I love my job, and as a result see day after day my company gain market share.

The secret?!
I would say: is focus and dedication.

I’m no better than anyone else, I’m just like you all-loving, dedicated mothers who do real stunts to do everything in 24 hours.
Maybe that makes a big difference to me … is that I don’t put limits – I’m not saying I’m not going to make it, without even before actually trying.
I always say, we women-we got it all!
And who gives us this force… are they–our children. Believe me!!!

But I confess that it is not always easy. I’m super tired-(especially now with the arrival of my third trimester gestational) This run-run’s killing me. And you can get more from smber.com.
My day starts at 6:30 in the morning and ends only when Victoria goes to bed (which is very late! I hope that with the start of classes, their schedules finally regrem, and she sleeps at least until 9 P.M.)

Really get to reconcile all, is an art that only women are able to get!
In one of my sighs and venting with Katia, I told her that I was almost bordering on crazy with so many tasks, and what was going through my head stop writing in my personal blog.
And it was between a bubble and another that came the invitation to write for My Dikas…. so, if one day the TFM is over, you will always have at least a piece of it here

I want to know what you want to know in our space?!
• Miami tips for children?
• Hope chest Tips
• Maternal Reliefs
• all that and a little more?

And you girls, like to be able to reconcile everything?! I need some tips. … (laughs)