Massage in Babies – Learn all the Benefits

Most pregnant women conduct a series of surveys on the Internet and with more experienced mothers to know everything that can do well for babies. Soon they discover that massaging the baby is a great practice to help the little one sleep. However, the benefits of massage in newborns are many more than just relaxation.

Massage in Babies - Learn all the Benefits

According to an international website, massaging is a great way to spend time with your baby.

To perform the massage on the baby requires a warm environment, with loving hands and a special oil for the skin of babies.

Benefits of Massage in Babies

Strengthens the bond

To create a bond with the baby it is necessary that the mother or father is focused on the moment of the massage, connecting with the baby. Massage is an opportunity to bond and communicate in a non-verbal way. Moments like this help babies stay safe and strengthen the bond between you and the child.

Improves sleep

If your baby is irritable and having difficulty sleeping, a good option is to have a massage that will make the baby calmer. Experts claim that the touch is able to calm the babies and help them prepare for sleep.

End the stress

Massaging a baby brings benefits not only to babies but also to parents. Studies have stated that the practice helps release the hormone oxytocin, which can make parents relaxed and less stressed.

Increase confidence

Being a parent is not easy, especially when you are the first child. Massage in babies can help because, by calming the newborn, parents feel more confident.

Corporal conscience

A newborn baby does not know its own body as an older child. Massage is an opportunity to increase baby’s body awareness, to help him understand who he is and the various bodily sensations he can feel.

Physical Effects

In addition to the emotional effects, massage also brings physical benefits to children. Gently massaging the tummy, for example, can help babies when they have colic or bowel stuck.


Massage in the baby can become a daily ritual. After a night shower, for example, it would be a great time to help sleep.

Moment for the father

Massaging the baby is a great opportunity for the parent to strengthen the bond with the baby.

Massaging the baby therefore is a way of tightening the bonds with the little one and still make it calmer and healthier. So start massaging your child today.