Looks Maternity to Be “Very Scary” in Halloween 2014

Already it is less for the Halloween party, and you have to start thinking about a terrifying touches styling. For which you do not want to wear a costume there are original and fun options. With clothes you have in your closet or clothes that you can buy at any store we can mount them a sensational look. Add accessories and Halloween-themed accessories to finish off styling. Babies and more we propose three different maternity looks to be “very scary” in Halloween 2014.

Look skeleton

  • Knit dress with skeleton in black and white drawing of ASOS Maternity, by 31,43 euros at bestaah.
  • Black leather jacket with zippers from Mamalicious, 69.95 EUR.
  • Maternity black stockings (pack of 3) of ASOs, by 34.29 EUR.
  • Headband with skeleton hands of Claire´s, for 5.99 euros.
  • Black booty style MaryPaz Chelsea, for 19.99 euros.

Demon look

  • Faux leather leggings from H & M, for 24.99 euros.
  • Jersey with sleeves red three-fourths of New Look, by 17,99 EUR.
  • Sequin Devil mask of ASOs, by 11.43 euros.
  • Mary Jane shoes with red glitter of TopShop, for 60 euros.
  • Earrings with bat’s Accessorize, for 4.50 euros.

Witch look

  • Black long-sleeved dress of Gap Maternity, by 54,95 EUR.
  • Bolero of feathers of Topshop, for 140 euros.
  • Tiara headpiece style Claire´s witches hat, for 9,99 euros.
  • Choker velvet with pendant of Claire´s, for 5.99 euros.