Little Me

This week was taking Bruna’s clothes that were stored to be able to use on Manu and noticed that the jumpsuits and bodies more cute that she has are of Little Me. Actually just realised that now looking at the label, because I bought all at Macys in NYC and at the time I didn’t even see what brand they were because they were mixed with other in the children’s sector.

For those not familiar, the Little Me is a American brand of clothes for babies, also with super affordable price, and with beautiful clothes and cute.
Of those who leave the baby irresistible.

I love the Carters, primarily by the quality and fidelity to the label size, but I’m not in love by the prints. I think depending on the collection, the colors are very ugly. Why both indicated the First Impressions as an alternative for stockpiled in the US and didn’t like the collection of Tickets. Only the First Impressions only sells at Macys.

The Little Me Besides selling on line and you can buy a few things and deliver at the hotel, selling in department stores like Macys, Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby and all that sell brands of clothes for baby.

The quality is great. I think the difference are in the beautiful prints and soft and “treats” as little Red Riding Hood or bib combining, boost the jumpsuits with animals … anyway.

In relation to value, is a little more expensive than Carters, but as always buy on Sale macaws, overalls left less than U $10. The site is a bit more expensive because it is the full price.

Already in relation to the size, the Little I have normal modeling for small. Manu has 2 months and overall tam 3 is right, already on the edge. But she is a pretty big baby.
Found interesting this table below for those who are purchasing over the internet. It is useful for those who already have a baby and you know your size.

Moms of boys can also animate as the templates for they are too!