Liquidation Hello Baby

Starting my Marathon ride outfit around here and in the quest for good prices, faced Saturday the liquidation of Hello Baby.
It is a program to do with time and patience because all the clothes are mixed and find something over there is not a very easy task. Actually I was panning a little something for just for Bruna and ended up buying the future baby! The only Macaw that was organized was to little rompers… items in full heat had no mother interested.
To my surprise I couldn’t find size and variety and I bought everything I needed, for my little one will be born in the middle of winter. And it’s not easy to find around plush little onesy cheap. Bruna the little used, were borrowed from a friend who ended up giving back then, so I didn’t have any in the House. And the pregnant women can also get it. And you can get more from Top-medical-schools.
Left on average R $20 each, some left less and more expensive was R $27!!! Has soft (that warm–the first photo) and plush. A tip I give is trying to buy without a boost. I got one or the other. I say this because the plush jumpsuit modeling here in Brazil in General is very strange (thing that I can’t understand the reason). The leg is very short, too small and the wide side. So without the foot you can by a half over the outer thighs and seize any longer. And also considering that the baby will not use as much as 2-3 months each of them and clothing is to stay home and sleep all day, patience if the model is not perfect.
Oh, mothers of children, also had a lot of variety in little onesy.

Other than that there’s a lot worth for babies and older children. Cute things for the daily and priced that makes nice to buy, very difficult in Brazil right?

Then run the settlement lasts for a few more days!!!