Liquidation and-Mini

The E-Mini, partner of the blog for so long and already known by you with a Sale of their products. From their clothes to shoes, toys super differentiated and trousseau items.

Liquidation and-Mini

To see all the pieces that entered the promotion click HERE.

I separated a couple of items that I think are worth very worthwhile take advantage because they are timeless and you use in summer and in winter. Also scored some pieces like the “darlings” of the blog!

For moms of girl prepare for the floral batinhas in E-Mini are beautiful and irresistible. And are gowns that you can use in the summer with a short shorts or in winter with a yarn over. And it’s a more “chiquezinha”, a great alternative for when you’re taking your daughter to a birthday party but don’t want to put a dress so I could let her play. The Darling is the light blue because I love girls with that color.

Fun t-shirts and taken off for the boys! Of course, that boy never got so much as a girl, but a nifty t-shirt makes all the difference. The darling of the blog is that of the little robot that is great to wear with pants or shorts more colorful!

Tricots, jackets and sweatshirts are items that you also use the whole year and that settlement compensates for buy. Here at you can get more information of the clothings. As this gray sweatshirt that is basic part is for boys or girls! This model is super practical and uses. The darling of this group is the raw mesh, unisex and that key piece in the wardrobe of any child.

Part of the cutest dresses that Bruna’s are E-Mini. Even in the photo that illustrates the “About” of the blog, but it’s an older model. What I like the selection of dresses are super site. And this red little bee is my passion, since I love Red girls!

And finally the overalls of Petit Bateau which in my opinion are the best for babies. And how are more expensive to buy in the promotion is very worthwhile. The Darling is what opens the back without legs, buttons is the most practical of all! Who does not know the Petit Bateau is worth reading this post I made counting because this brand is so good and worth what it costs (see here)

Visit the site to see all the pieces that have entered the Sale and

Happy shopping!

And a great weekend!

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