Lingerie For Pregnant Women

It’s not just clothes that the our store sells. There are also the best in terms of lingerie for pregnant women. The best brands and most comfortable models.

Then follows below some useful tips from about maternity bra and maternity panties, in a recent interview to a magazine that specializes in pregnant women.

1) Which models and brands of lingerie for pregnant women you have?

We have Liz, My Lady and the Love Secret, with the lines of pregnant women and Postpartum, composed of a great variety of maternity bra and panties and bra and panties of breastfeeding.

We have even panties models dug and compression, as well as models of bra with Hoop and rimless.

2) what are the main advantages of these models?

Are specially made thinking on the needs and growth of the breasts and belly during pregnancy giving support and comfort and the needs of breastfeeding and the compression of the womb.

3) For which occasions or time of pregnancy you would indicate these templates?

Throughout the pregnancy, already from the third month, when the belly begins to grow, and also during the postpartum period in which the woman is breastfeeding.

4) which the material/fabric of these models?

The line of Liz’s Microfiber (polyamide with elastane), since the line of Love Secret’s Cotton Lycra (spandex cotton) being hypoallergenic.

5) what is the price of them?

The Love Secrets, are a bit cheaper, the panties range from R to R $17 $24, and the BRA range from R to R $32 $45.

Now the Liz, one of the best on the market, the panties range from R to R $35 $38, and the BRA range from R $74 R $78.