Lingerie For Pregnancy

My Lady, this is a new collection dedicated to pregnant women and postpartum with breastfeeding, 

Bridgat offers this collection for pregnant women, including maternity bras, maternity panties and lingerie for breastfeeding. The collection now makes the color blue, in a unique pattern in light and comfortable microfiber.

Lingerie For Pregnancy

The mild tone, called “Blue Garden” appears in Bra breastfeeding top swimmer (REF. 3711), pants bikini with anatomical cut (REF. 5172) and high pants with postpartum reinforcement (REF. 5173). The colors of the pieces that line make it possible that mom choose the color blue, if the baby is a boy. In the case of a girl, the tramp stamp “Poa with Stripes” is an indication to our customers, seeking something out of the traditional black, white and skin color.

Another novelty My Lady to pregnant women is the chocolate color now in panties you have two ways to use (REF. 4932), as well as jeans, because the waist with double fabric, allows two options to use, or more taller with her stretched, for those who want to support the belly, especially when this larger, or you can use folded and lower , when the belly still not so great.

Another innovation in the collection is the track for pregnant women (REF. 5160), used to improve posture during the period of gestation, with a piece that didn’t shake, but at the same time provides greater comfort, relieving the pain in his back and legs, an effective prevention of back pain and pelvicAvailable in white in one size.

The more poetic phase of a woman’s life worth a lingerie. Use a specialist lingerie for this stage, it makes you feel not only more beautiful, but also more comfortable during the nine months, following each transformation of your body until the arrival of the baby.

For this the specialized modeling is key.

For example in Bras, the side straps are wider, to provide added firmness and support the breasts.Already the padded base and middle of the BRA should be lined in 100% cotton, to give greater support and prevent the milk empedramento. Another important aspect is that there is a top opening to facilitate the Act of breast-feeding. Already the panties have an anatomical cut, that accommodates well your belly, with time enough to feel comfortable and safe, as well as having an allergy-free lining.