Life As a Mother–Routine!

Today’s post is very special and even gets me in writing. He speaks a little of what was that first year as a mother in the difficult and laborious task of teaching a baby sleeping, eating, playing and start interacting.

As most of my readers are pregnant the first child, or with small baby at home, I would spend a little of the positive experience I’ve had in these first 12 months of Bruna, because I know that all first-time mother gets anxious about what to expect of the first days of the baby at home.

So leaving aside the difficulties, fatigue, sleepless nights and insecurities, I try to spend a little bit of how I organize my life and as a result.

In the first week of life of Bruna, after a few days without sleep, exhausted and thinking that my life will never come back to normal, my pediatrician (very wise by the way!) gave me only 1 tip; have a lot of calm, discipline and routine. The calm is calm your baby will feel, the discipline you will need to take care of everything and organize your life so that everything between us, and Lastly and most importantly; routine!!!

I’ve never been very calm or even disciplined I’ve been too lazy to a rigid routine and repetitive for my life. But hoping it really worked, I tried to organize within the clutter of the early days and stipulated a routine to fit the profile Bruna which of my family and my lifestyle, and so follow even today.

Discipline is to follow to the letter this routine every single day.
And I assure you it is not easy for the mom, because we often have to stop what we’re doing and go out somewhere to meet and respect the schedules of the baby. All days are the same, repetitive and tiresome, and worse still at the stage of breastfeeding, which is too time intensive and exhaustive and donation. But a thousand times do this for a few months and be able to organize your life, to suffer for lack of discipline after. And everything goes good.

Until today with 1 year to Bruna showers at the same time, having lunch and dinner exactly at the same time, take your afternoon nap at the same time… and time to sleep every day equal; the 20 hours it mama in the dark room, no noises or interference, I put her in the crib, get out and close the door. And it has worked that way! Of course also when she comes out of the timetables, cries and complains about missing is enough, no way, the baby feels any changes.

When you make every day the same thing the baby learns that appointment was made for a certain activity, and feels safe to have this routine. Nothing like you know that your baby sleeps or eats in such schedule to get out a bit, spend some time with her husband, or plan to have lunch at home if you work out and know that you will find your child awake. And even if I go out with her, or I travel, I try to keep as close to routine schedules meals and naps so she can sleep well at night without wonder. And you can get more from
Today I feel satisfied by her first year. I was able to breastfeed even with all the difficulties (read HERE), I was able to get her to eat a little bit of everything, sleep well and be super healthy. And that certainly was a result of tranquillity that I and my husband (which helps me a lot!) to her since the beginning, and the routine we have established and follow until today.

Remembering that what works in a House, not necessarily work in another. That was my experience and there is no formula for success. I think every mom your constructs. It may be that for a next child everything that I told you not to work, but more importantly we mothers try doing what our heart tells you, without wanting to be perfect in everything.
But I can assure you that a Word is part of 10:00 pm 10 cases of success with a baby; ROUTINE!!!

Taking advantage of the text, and the requests of many mothers who write, follows a few tips that worked for me and I’ve gathered Bruna and after searching in 3 benchmarks of success; the books Nana Nene and the Babies, and the DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block!

-Start trying to make baby realize the difference overnight during the naps of the day keep the room or environment in which it’s clear, with the normal noises, day and night let all dark and quiet.

-If it is not too hot, make the charutinho with a diaper to leave the baby curled, it helps to calm and let it cool.

-The first 3 months are the most difficult, but also are the only ones in which you can still spoil the baby without him, kiddo. So give the lap and warmth that he needs but never sleep in your lap. Accustomed from the beginning that he has to sleep in her crib.

-I dreamed of the day he could breast-feed for 4 hours instead of 4:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00. And my pediatrician said; breastfeed for 3 3:00 pm so she could sleep through the night. Baby who sleeps with the ABS full, sleeps a lot better. And kept from 3:00 pm 3 hours until she starts eating soup. It’s been a long and endless 6 months that I could barely breathe. But it was worth it.

–Many times I gave the “feeding of dreams” that both the Babies talk, and really works. Make smaller interval between penultima 1 blow job and the last on the schedule that you want for the baby to sleep. That way you ensure that your baby will sleep on a full stomach and won’t wake up so early to hunger.

-If your baby gaining weight and growing and your pediatrician allows, try start feeding in the morning. For this you will need some patience and good will. On the first day when he wakes up, try rolling a bit with the pacifier, if he goes back to sleep not wake up. And if he cries wrap some 5 minutes to give the bottle. Wrap each day a little more … you will see that soon he will wake up later every day until you get up in the morning.

-the Bucket ( see here), it worked like a charm for Bruna, every day from the first to the fourth month she was about 5 minutes in warm water before bed. I would relax and helped give NAP.

–Do not let your baby go into deep sleep after 19 hours. For that let him in the room, noise, light, etc. So if he’s going to be for long NAP. I remember many nights my husband walking with the Kangaroo into the room with her lap not Bruna sleep until the time is right.

And finally, don’t be anxious when your baby enters into a routine and sleep all night before 3 months, because this time the baby is still adapting, learning to eat, see, sleep alone. And each baby have your time.

Just some advice; in those days of exhaustion where you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel and he dreams of a whole night’s sleep remember that everything passes, and you will go back to sleep, can relax!

And You moms, used any method to make your baby sleep and have time? Tell us if it worked or not.