Life As a Mother–Routine with a Newborn

I have received many questions and doubts of pregnant woman in as is routine with a newborn, since shifts breastfeeding, diaper change the hours of sleep.

I’ve told in detail how it was that I was able to organize with Bruna and how I got that she slept all night in less than 3 months and still had a super uptight. Those who do not read, worth seeing the post (here).

Today I will speak especially of the first month with a newborn.

Were not easy these days for me. Mainly because I was and am still very weak after delivery. Were a sum of factors, but the main thing is not to sleep. When the body does not rest stay with low resistance and I’m starting to have a lot of things, that’s because I never normally have nothing.

I was very lucky the Manu be an Angel. In this first month she barely cried and was still in cart between each feeding helping me a lot.

In general it is much easier to take care of a newborn than it looks. Tiring even breastfeed and get up early in the morning. Yes, the second son is pretty easy, but it’s much more difficult to administer the first, and take care of two.

So I have tried to keep a routine with the Manu as possible with another daughter in the House that calls on me all the time. I have 1 nanny who spends all day with Bruna, then Manu is 100% with me.

The baby’s routine is summed up in a few activities; CHANGING, FEEDING and BURPING. And as extra activities: to sunbathe and bathe. In my routine still add the “Kangaroo mother care”, which I think super important to the development and peace of the baby in the first few weeks. Every day I get to Manu at least half an hour in bed with her on my lap, tummy, belly and her head lying on top of my heart. It is proven that babies need to feel this warmth and that is good. Listen to the mother’s heart also refers the time that the baby went to the belly and bring tranquility. At that time I also rest a little. May notice that if you put a baby who cries or is nervous and irriquieto in that position, he calms down immediately. Super recommend.

The Exchange:

The exchange of diapers is a question that I’m asked a lot.

I usually change before breast-feeding. That’s because while we switch the baby wakes up and gets smarter to breastfeed. And it’s not good to throw the baby after breast feeding as it can get all squeamish and return the milk. What I tell first-time moms is the baby at this stage almost always loves to pee and poop as soon as you open the diaper. So when is change, leave a little the diaper opened and wait a few minutes. Don’t risk leaving without a protection because possibly the baby everything dirty. Out this exchange of routine, I change when she poops in the intervals or when the diaper is too full or leaks. Then responding to questions, will on average 8 diapers a day.


I breastfeed during the day every 3 or 3 1/2 hours at the most, and I always give the last blow job at the same time, the 22.30 or 23 tops. Even if for that I adjust the other feedings during the day.

I believe that sleeping every day at the same time the baby begins early to understand day and night and you start to realize when he starts to extend the intervals.

I think it’s important too you to breastfeed in a time where soon after you go to sleep too. Because every minute is precious during this phase to be able to get some rest. So already I feed him ready for bed then.

During the night my pediatrician released to let her sleep without waking. But it is extremely important to every mother to check with your pediatrician if you can do so with your baby. Because small babies or who are not gaining weight as expected, cannot move from 4 hours without feeding.

Manu usually mama again around 4 A.M. only. But that doesn’t mean her to sleep all that interval, she just didn’t mama. But wake up, complain, make little noises, poop… but cries of hungry a few hours later 5-6. I’m running with the pacifier to give time to breastfeed. And each day she has gone up a bit more.

After her breast the 8.30-9 hours and then starts 3:00 pm 3.

The Burp:

Burping can take forever, but it is very important. No belching is risky because the baby milk pour a can go back and make him choke. I’ve seen it happen here at home several times even having already been burping. So after feedings, hold the baby in your lap on foot and wait burp. If in 10 minutes not burp, I had time to settle down and milk no longer risk throwing the baby. I always hope some 15 minutes if no burp. It’s exhausting but avoids a series of uncomfortable for the baby and still help prevent the reflux. Anyway, even puffing, all places that are well inclined Manu sleeps. In the crib I put under the mattress in the head a few magazines and Moses put some towels. Bruna slept with the cradle tilted until 1 year of age and never had anything.


The sunshower in babies is very important. He helps vitamin D that the baby receives breast milk provide the calcium absorption. What is essential for bone growth.

3 times a week is enough for this function.

To sunbathe, the ideal is to let the baby just fraldinha or with a thin and white clothes, to absorb the Sun’s rays, and be up to the 10 A.M. and 5 to 10 minutes. After that the Sun is very strong.

Those who do not have external area can find a corner where beat Sun in the House and put the baby in that location.

The Bath

I’m repeating with Manu what I did with Bruna and many mothers criticize… the bath 22.00 pm, before the last feeding. Some pediatricians don’t agree, but my released with the condition that is not a very cold day and that there is a wind in the environment. Yes, it’s pretty late, but the bath this time helps wake up the baby to suckle well, because in the bath the baby exercise and relax at the same time, what makes you hungry. And then help to sleep. At least here in the House worked fine as well. I ride the bath inside the room, close all the doors and Windows to have no draft. Then come up out of the water, I change and I’m not leaving the room. Her mama and go to sleep.

And that’s my day with her. What I like to spend as tip is to try to keep the same routine. This helps to put the baby on a schedule, make him understand the day and night and also soon mom’s life settled. Doing everything at the same time you can at least take a while if you need to set something up. Feeding on demand is very bad, because freaks out any mother and will surely take much longer for the baby to have a routine.

Another Council, this friend … the beginning is tiring, the mother has to take care of, take vitamins, eat well, drink a lot of liquid to get the milk and try to rest. Because it is not easy to sleep at most 2-3 hours straight and still breastfeed and care for everything else.

But goes fast, tomorrow the Manu 1 month of life full and I am very happy. Although exhausting, there’s nothing more fun than taking care of a baby, because they grow up way too fast! I’ve been trying to enjoy it as much as possible, kneading and pampering too. So whenever you feel exhausted, remember that this phase passes, and later you won’t remember and will miss having a baby little one at home! It feels so good…
I hope these tips today added to the previous post about routine, are useful and help some moms who both asked me how to organize this very beginning!