Life As a Mother-Our Life for a Child

I would like to start by explaining my sudden disappearance from the blog.

Who accompanies me on the Face and Instagram already know that Manu went to the hospital Tuesday after a scare that I don’t wish for any mother through.

Today I write to tell you everything that happened to her as thanks to God, everything’s fine now.

Last Tuesday afternoon, I was breastfeeding the Manu. As usual, I feed him and put on foot in my lap for burping.

As soon as she stood up claimed a little and not burped.

I continued with her standing but she started crying. I thought it was weird because she never cries, I mean ever. It sounded like a cry of colic because she was with the tummy too hard.

At the time I thought it would be cramping or gas because the intestine of Manu does not work very well.

After crying she began to sweat a lot in the head, another factor too weird.

I thought; She’s got some bad be abdominal pain …

I put her in my bed, I took my pants off and threw it to do a massage on her tummy. She’s crying and crying I had never seen, a crying hurt. Suddenly she stopped and stayed in bed, spring, looking for anything.

I talked to her, she wouldn’t look at me, don’t laughed and started to close her eyes as if it was asleep.

Then I saw that there was something wrong with her.

I called the pediatrician immediately and put the Manu in the lap of nanny. She was still awake, but tension, without reaction … looked unconscious but with my eyes open.

Suddenly she started getting purple, blue lips… and I on the phone simply snapped. I started screaming and shaking and the pediatrician told me to go immediately to the hospital.

But what do you mean? I needed to do something before going to the hospital, I wasn’t going to get in the car with her.

We started to change her position, make the move to desengasgar… but she wasn’t choking. Then what would that My God!

She was gone, I was still static, with the sad eyes, didn’t respond and I screamed, Manu for the love of God, cry, scream, wake up! In the confusion no one thought a taxi and phone the doorman said that it would take us.

I wasn’t able to drive and my husband works in Cotia. I went down in the garage of my building with her in my arms and in tension, the doorman couldn’t start the car. Runs away with her, forgot car open, mobile, and the first person I saw in the garage I begged him to take me to the hospital.

All this time the Manu continued with that strange face, static, and I asking the nanny stay with the finger in her mouth to be a seizure, not tongue-tied or not stop breathing.
I live 5 minutes from Einstein. But the way there was an eternity because the show of Madonna. I just prayed and asked God for her to continue breathing, because to me, she was having something very serious that at best, would bring some neurological sequel.

We went down to Einstein and immediately million in Manu was met.

She was still apathetic, like don’t recognize anyone, but just knowing that she was breathing and already in the hospital, could have a certain comfort.

The whole process between realize she was weird and arrive at the hospital was around 40 minutes.

In this range the Manu unresponsive and sometimes looked like she was going to faint once.

I can’t explain to you what I felt and I cry writing just to remember the pain you went through. A sense of impotence in the face of a child, wanting to save him, wanting to give your life for him. … A fear of losing it, a pain. I screamed, prayed and cried. They say that we should have cold blood to be able to act with calm and trying to help. But how have cold blood in those hours?

So began a series of tests to rule out anything serious as heart problems or poor training, or even have been a seizure.

I can’t say what time the Manu started coming back and look like it was normal. But it took a while. Maybe when the nurse put the needle to draw blood and she cried already seemed to be better than being apathetic as it got in the last hour. Even so, smiley and friendly Manu ultra did not give no sign that was around.

So after some sleep in my arms doing an EKG, she woke up and sketched a mini smile.

My heart overflowed with happiness and even without knowing what she had, just being alive have meant everything to me.

Until the result of the last test I had still too afraid to be anything serious. I spent the night in intensive semi with her, and it was very difficult for me. I didn’t sleep, remember what I went through, and just cried.

Thanks to God and the Holy protective of our Lady of Fatima, nothing serious was found. We didn’t have a concrete explanation about what happened, and in these cases the best passed by doctors is to believe it was a just after reflux breastfeed that generated a pain that caused the pressure to fall sharply.
That’s why she sweat, so she was falling. And the fact that we have shaken off and left her in different positions to see recovering his senses, may have hindered rather than help.

To say that this will never happen again, there’s no way. Could happen again as it might have been an isolated episode that never come back.

I believe in God and that he will protect the Manu. And I’m working on my head not to be neurotic and think it could happen again at any time. Because we are all vulnerable to have a sudden rift in any stage of life.

Soon I will tell more about how we can help in certain circumstances with the babies and how to prepare the people working with us at home so they know how to act in an emergency if the mother isn’t around. I fortunately was beside her when it happened.

Even though she was well, I’m still very upset with what I went through.
Because in my wanderings through the corridor of the hospital on the same floor as the Manu was parlor and childish, I came across scenes of mothers giving your life to make a baby with cancer or with problems serissimos smile. Telling stories, assembling castles, wearing costumes … this too me.

I wish all those mothers also had high and could go there with his children in his arms as I could do.

Could not end without thanking the dozens of messages and prayers that I have received by Instagram. I’ve read every one of them and I felt very comforted by mothers who for sure, also cheered by Manu.

Of heart, too, more muitoooooooooo thanks. Wish you all the love and strength that you gave me double back to you! And that our children always have good health.

The rest doesn’t matter.

Now it’s ball forward, think of nice things and I promise many posts next week!

A big kiss,

Katia, Manu, and of course, Bruninha.

My treasures!