Life As a Mother–Breastfeeding

I have spoken here on the blog as I found some help for the problems I had on breastfeeding (see HERE), but today I’m going to tell you how was my experience from start to finish. Making it clear that what I went through is not a good example or better alternative to no one, because I know a lot of moms want to breastfeed and sometimes fail and end up opting for the formula. That doesn’t mean your children grow healthy and strong less than that blew in the chest. As well as I know mothers who have not even a problem, nuisance, pain, or crack and loved breastfeeding.

I just want to tell my readers pregnant woman, it’s worth a try, and sometimes a help or a correct orientation, make all the difference.

Since the first day I knew I was pregnant the only thing I really wanted was to be able to breastfeed. Had told me of the difficulty of the first days after birth, but you really only know what it’s like living this experience.
In fact breastfeeding is not just a matter of want. Many times your body does not respond to this desire, your baby does not scale or sucks right, and unforeseen events can happen.
Breast-feeding requires discipline, donation, and mainly; determination.

I had from the beginning a overproduction of milk. And contrary to what may seem, overproduction is not good, and caused me a series of uncomfortable and in pain, that attached to any difficulty in routine with a baby newborn.
But the peak of my suffering was only a few days after a mastitis (which is painful), have a horrible empedramento one of the breasts. I had to get a nurse to drain my chest manually to relieve a little. And that lasted almost 3 hours of draining a lot of pain, and was so strong that I don’t remember crying so much for some reason all my physical life. Outside the bleed and crack the bottle that made me see stars at each feeding.

I cried a lot in the first 20 days because I couldn’t stand it anymore so much suffering. I couldn’t understand how someone might like to breastfeed. Were 7 to 8 feedings per day. Even forgot that I had done a c-section because his chest hurt so much, that the surgery was nothing.
But I didn’t feel the right to stop nursing so early, I had to try a little harder.
Then I thought; What would but me? Physical pain and fatigue caused by chest pains and sleepless nights, or the emotional pain of dry up my milk and take a bottle. Because I would have to take a pill to dry and stop producing.
And then I decided I could stand a little longer.

After these first days until my daughter complete 4 months I was adjusting the production difficulties in excess, because my doctor assured me that at some point production to stabilize and not empedraria or hurt more. Then slowly the production started to improve and I have a huge joy to see my daughter growing up and gaining weight just with my milk, and more the strength of mother-son relationship that breastfeeding provides.

Just nursing with the greatest pleasure in the world until almost 8 months, which was a great achievement. Not only for me that overcame my limits, but mainly for my daughter who is now a super healthy child. The decision to stop was also suffered, as well as having to take multiple doses of strong medicine, had to once again hold the chest empedrando and aching to be able decrease feedings and stop producing. And I never thought I would cry the day I took the medicine and I would Yes Miss.
And after all this happened I confess I spent an amazing experience, because everything I’ve ever done in my life, breastfeeding was raised which gave me more pride and happiness. Thanks more than worthwhile.

And you, how was your experience with breastfeeding?