Kaftan Fashion Trend

The caftan has ancient origins, born in Morocco, where all the young women make the desired garment par excellence;quickly makes its way from East to West and from the 60 lands on the pages of Vogue with Diana Vreeland, becoming the iconic symbol of a sophisticated new way of dressing.

Today is a super trendy head, predominantly female, cool, trendy and colorful, as well as lightweight and very convenient: in short, the ideal garment for warm weather!

Thanks to its extreme versatility, has become an indispensable leader capable of enhancing both slender bodies that curvy. Angelina Jolie and Margherita Missoni chose him when they were pregnant, while Elisabeth Taylor to hide some unexpected curves. Here at answerresume.com you can get more different models of the pregnant fashion.  ‘is worn mainly at the beach in bohemiem style hippie, that for sundowners in chic version, elegant and refined, like robes or jeans for the upcoming fall season, available in different designs and materials, to rediscover the charm of ‘exotic and oriental cultures.

Here are all the trendy models not to be missed.

Roberto Cavalli

The summer collection by Roberto Cavalli are precious kaftans that are also perfect for ceremonies, events or otherwise, for occasions when you want to show a sophisticated and chic outfits. Prints proposals with floral patterns on shades of fuchsia and blacks profiles, tropical motifs in shades of green, animal prints in shades of black and brown, with ethnic patterns and zebra-pattern.


Straight from the heart of Italy and the passion of twin girls, Geneva and Ludovica, this line 100% made in Florence, packaged by the best Florentine dressmakers, protagonists are natural fabrics, golden details and the finest Italian fabrics for a collection of precious clothes, lovingly embroidered by hand.

Creations elegant, feminine, bold and sensual, composed of dresses and kaftans made with the most authentic fabrics, selected from the archives of the best Italian companies, the Caftanii style knows no boundaries.

Laura Manara

Founded only two years ago, Laura Manara line, made in Italy, shows the character of an established brand: the passion for the sea, the collection offers clothes for the beach, for evening events by the pool or for a trip to cruise.

It is a collection designed for a modern woman who loves tunics, kaftans, dresses and suits, made of linen with cotton blends, silk and sponge, but also with the many-colored garments together or with geometric and embroidered logo or printed motifs that recall the atmospheres 60s.


Camilla Franks for years proposes lines of leaders dedicated to the bohemian world, using multicolor digital prints, colorful and vibrant, to tell the journey and timeless style.

Laura Biagiotti

Style and comfort make sure these leaders signed Laura Biagiotti, from the classic cut, which provide elegance and sophistication adapt to many different situations thanks to the attention to detail, such as the combination with sandals strictly flats and a simple giracollo.

Athena Procopiu

Athena Procopiu, designers namesake brand, she decided to draw herself in her London studio several caftans in boho-chic ’70s style, so beautiful and fashionable models and famous actresses such as Kate Moss and Anne Hathaway wore on hottest beaches.


Talitha behind the brand there are two women: Kim Hersov and Shon Randhawa, already famous for other previous work experience in the fashion leader. The caftans of this brand are inspired by North African patterns and trends that have depopulated in the spring / summer 2015, which will follow in the next season autumn / winter 2015, ie a return to the mood of the ’70s, with fringes and ethnic patterns .

VMT Los Angeles

The designer Veronica M Toub with its caftans expresses the lifestyle of the sophisticated woman, inspired by the bohemian world and one in Paris, combines the natural elements to craftsmanship, to produce clothes, but also jewelry, to be worn in comfort.

Lem Lem

The brand was founded in 2007 by the model and actress Liya Kebede, during a trip to his homeland, Ethiopia, to discover the craftsmanship of the traditional cotton. Deciding to preserve this culture, born well crafted garments, absolutely Made in Ethiopia, which contain all the flavor of this land, but with a touch more glam!


The brand was born in Paris, but is inspired by the Eastern world, particularly in Istanbul, capital of Turkey, which inspired the name meaning “water.” On combines, in fact, the French chic to balance craftsmanship handicraft oriental, to create exclusive products as long tunics, kaftans and ponchos.

Zeus + Dione

It is inspired by the ancient Greek culture and art, but in a modern way, in a few words past and future come together to create the traditional leaders who find a new aesthetic and cultural liberation in everyday life.

Zara, H&M e Mango

Even the low cost brands have not given up on this garment trend: short, long, hippie style with fringes and boho-chic embroidery, beaded embroidery, wide sleeves and plunging necklines that leave the backless, super sexy. Available balance those of the Spring / Summer 2015 or to discover those of the new fall / winter collection, mainly made of thicker fabrics or Oversized shirt styled with jeans or skirts in denim long or mid-calf.