They are eternal and everyone has at least three in the wardrobe. Play Joker, jens never goes out of style, combines with almost everything and have cuts that adapt to any body type. Choosing the right cut is possible to enhance your body features that worth mentioning or minor imperfections and must hurry cause prints, how to stretch the silhouette and decrease bombum.

See the shapes of the moment, find the ideal model for you and work on any occasion.

Boot coot

This is the classic jeans: Kos in atura hips, five pockets and legs that extend until the bar. subtly It’s called boot cut to stay perfect with boots. But also sneakers, sneakers and minissaltos.

High waist

They are back. The shape design curves, highlights the waist, disguises the protruding belly and up the other side. In the feet. Creeping, high or low sandals, pumps of pointy or round, peep toes, moccasins.


Nothing makes your legs look thinner and longer than a jeans label on towering sandals. Make sure your pants snug, without extra tissue in the buttocks or belly. If you are overweight, complete with a fluffy top.


Capri models have length just below the knee, as if it were a “bermuda” tight to the body or a pair of “shorter”. Ideal for hot days and who cherishes comfort. However, the little ones must escape this kind of modeling, because it shortens the silhouette.

Practical and charming, the shorter pants can be worn with slippers, toe shoes, boots and even traditional pumps. You can still create your own short or cropped pants-doubling your bar classic jeans for a casual chic effect.

Wide mouth

His cut is straight, but will open up on the bar and ends with a large mouth. Is the ideal way to be used with heavy shoes. Platform heels and thick are harmonious and lengthen the figure combined with this jeans.

Lose weight

Who is overweight should opt for dark washes, which disguise wobbly bits and leave the long torso silhouette.

Small waist

You have the waist designed and is with the body in place? Leave it with a jeans that already have attached belt. It highlights her curves.

Maximum sensuality

Jeans washings located more clear and cut-outs were made for skinny women and with skinny legs. The encorpa model and legs at the same time doesn’t make the body look bulky.

Butt in high

To enhance and lift the butt, back pockets with flaps and rhinestone details are accurate solution. They create an extra volume that brings voluptuousness. Another good option is lighter washes in the butt, which cause similar effect.


The waistband is exclusive of superbaixo who have little butt and not have those love handles on the side of the waist. If your trunk is short, the model still helps to minimize this characteristic.

Add curves

Tall women and with few curves can invest in with jeans cut pants of tailoring: legs straight, knife pockets, waistband just below the navel. They fine-tune the waist and increase the hips and the butt.

Below the curves

If you are already a curvaceous and want to decrease the butt, choose jeans without back pockets. In addition to bringing description, this model minimizes the volume. For greater efficiency, bet on pants with details in front pockets, to divert the looks.