It’s Not Just the Fault of the Mother

It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking about a subject that, for many times, left me a bit so angry. Have you ever stopped to realize that whenever something goes wrong, and there’s a kid involved, always comes the phrase: where is the mother of this child? That’s because it is! But I’m afraid, it’s not just the mother.

You go into maternal groups on Facebook, you don’t need 10 minutes to time tragic posts and in comments: Wow, but where was the mother of this child you didn’t see? Realize that are maternal and groups who points his finger and crucify the mother is another mother. But, friend mom, trust me, it’s not just the fault of the mother.

Often heard within our own family: she is spoiled because his mother spoil her, she eats because she did it right, she sleeps in the bed of the parents until today because the mother allows. People, stop! Just stop playing the blame for all the possible “failures” or accidents in the back of a single figure within the hospital. It’s not just the fault of the mother.

And as much as you think, at some point, it’s nobody’s fault but the mother, stop and think: how the father of the child? It exists and exerts its responsibilities, as well as the mother or is it just an Amoeba in the relationship?

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Spoil mom because it gives, love, Kiss and say you love her? But what about dad? Where is the dad who doesn’t give the same demonstrations of affection? You’re working like crazy to support the family? Are you tired watching newspaper? Or is dry to the point of not being able to talk to your son who loves you? Lap, love, Kiss, tell you love doesn’t let the spoiled child. Pet is not to teach limits, responsibilities, contributing to the creation of the character of the child, but all that is and can be done with very lap, love and attention. Oh! Before finishing this topical, many of us, mothers, we also work to support the family, we were also tired and want to watch the news. Then, the child, if she really is, is spoiled and it’s not just the fault of the mother but to all who educate. Father, grandparents, uncles, parrots and parakeets.

Mom sleep in the same bed? But what about dad? He wouldn’t agree to parenting and education of the child, which is the responsibility of the two? Did you ever think that share the bed was the best way I found to get mom sleep better because wake up early the next day? Yes, that’s right! A decision inside a House, it’s usually (or should be) taken by all the parties so it’s not just the fault of the mother.

The child was injured, fell, did something very wrong and you’ve thought: where is the mother of the child, it is all her fault? But where was the father? Where was another adult figure responsible for it? The mother’s mother. OK! But again: where is the person that is responsible for the child? Yes, people, it’s not just the fault of the mother.

So before you judge another mother, just like you, first think about the pain, in distress herself. Put yourself in the other person’s situation and think: where are those responsible for this child? Why yes, it’s not just the fault of the mother.

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And you, mom, that feels guilty for something that went wrong in your maternity leave, believe me, it’s not just your fault! On the fault itself, this is subject for another post, because I don’t think we have to feel guilty for something that went wrong. Don’t feel guilty. Call who is also responsible for your little person, chat and play in her lap the entire mission of raising a child, along with you!