Itching on The Abdomen of Pregnant Women

It is frequent that pregnant women feel itching in the skin of the gut. This is because as the pregnancy progresses so the skin of the belly as well as breasts will stretching producing an itch in the tissues, in some very severe cases.

If we bear in mind that the skin can stretch up to 10 times its size during pregnancy, i.e. that a centimeter of skin can relax up to 10 cm, it is normal to feel itching caused by the dryness of the skin. Is called gestational itch.

Does not affect all women alike. Some feel a little discomfort while for others the itching is desperate.

Apart from dryness, itching may be due, once again, the guilt of hormones. Estrogens cause an alteration in the liver associated with the retention of bile salts. This does not represent any risk for the baby but may cause irritations or eczema.

Anyway, if the itching is very intense please consult with your doctor to rule out intrahepatic cholestasis, a rare disorder caused by poor circulation of bile that yes could be detrimental to the fetus.

One of the keys to maintain the health of the skin is to keep it well hydrated since the early months that it is elastic and thus decrease both itching and the appearance of stretch marks.

In addition, if feel itching on the abdomen takes note of some Tips on how to relieve the itching in pregnancy.

  • Keep always hydrated skin
  • It uses cream with chamomile, calendula or oats
  • He wears loose-fitting cotton and breathable
  • Avoid scratching
  • Avoid places with high humidity or heat
  • It avoids showers or baths with hot water as they dry over the skin
  • It uses a bath mild soap
  • It hydrates the body through food and drink enough water