Is Wearing a Bra Good or Bad?

Although the use of the bra is determined by the size of the breasts, the fact is that we should not abuse this intimate piece to allow the breasts to relax.

Undoubtedly, this question about the use of the bra causes controversy.

There are those who defend its use as the  cover and the sword,  others who say that it is only necessary to use it at certain times of the day and others indicate that this piece of women ‘s   clothing  does not help and has effects contrary to the desired.

In this article we will talk more about   the doubt as to whether it is good or bad to wear a bra. Do not miss out!

Study on the effects of the bra on the breasts

Dr. Jean Denis Rouillon of the University of France-Comté has been studying the effects of a bra on women for years.

Their research is based on analyzing, observing and measuring the breasts of the volunteers , as well as allowing each one to tell their experience when wearing a bra or not.

Some of them agreed to take off their bra in certain situations(such as when playing sports) and others chose to never wear the piece.

According to the first findings,  when not wearing this underwear the nipples rise an average of 7 mm per year. The reason? The breasts are strengthened.

For many of the project volunteers, practicing  sports  without a bra is not a problem, such as going to work, staying at home, or going to a party. Your breasts do not hurt at the end of the day and you will not feel any pressure or discomfort during the day.

The only negative point to note is  the reaction of the people around you, who look strangely or say they should wear a bra.

In any case,  to avoid looks or comments, many chose to use models without the metal rods.

The truth is that this study could leave aside a large part of the female population: those over 30 years old, with large breasts, overweight or who are already mothers.

Everything can change then if some requirements are met. For example, during  pregnancy  the breasts grow and the mammary glands move downward. In that case it would be good to wear a bra.

Myths and Truths About Bra Wear

Many may think that women have worn bra since always, but this is not true. It is practically a modern invention based on fashion. and you can get more from Embudoexpress.

Some of the myths and truths that revolve around the use of this piece are:

“Wear bra is necessary”

Again we have to mention Professor Rouillon to answer this idea. According to this professional,  the bra can cause stretch marks , sagging and loss of firmness in the breasts.

Therefore, it is a “false necessity.”

“It is essential to fight against gravity”

We do not know what Isaac Newton would say about it, but most women believe wearing a bra helps prevent or reduce breasts.

Although this seems a feminine law, the fact is that   this piece limits the growth of the tissues that support the breasts. Therefore, it would not present an anatomic or physiological benefit.

“Models with rods are better”

It is true that this piece marks the breasts in another way and is very elegant. However, it also has its contraindications.

Excessive use of bra with metal rims or stems causes injury  or wounds both internal and external. In fact, this is related to the increased risk of developing breast cancer.

“The bra is also worn at night”

Some women do not take their bra off when they go to bed because of fear of the law of gravity or because they believe that by keeping it they will feel more comfortable when lying on their belly. The first idea is a myth and the second has to do with beliefs or habits.

According to  the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons ,  the microscopic ligaments hold the breasts in place.

When they are “accustomed” to another item doing the work for them(ie, the bra)  they weaken and are more likely to appear sagging in the region.

“The bigger the breasts, the tighter the straps”

It would be better to buy a model whose handles are according to the size and weight of the bust. If you have very large breasts the straps need to be wider(and vice versa).

It should also be known that the more “tension” in the loops, the more inverse work the ligaments on the breasts will have to do.

So when you take off your bra your breasts will drop more than usual, as if it were an elastic that loosens after being strained for hours.

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“The bra is necessary when practicing sports and during pregnancy”

This is entirely true, since at  these times the breasts either make different efforts and movements, or grow more than usual.

There is no doubt that   in each case one should wear a special model  and always remember to take it off at night or after exercise due to the perspiration that accumulates in the piece.

Other circumstances that lead us to need more of a bra are:

  • Big breasts in proportion to body.
  • Women who are breastfeeding or are past  menopause.

Lastly, the amount of hours that we can wear the bra should not exceed 7 or 8 hours a day. We can use it when we are at work or out of the house and when we get it, take it out.

This way   the breasts relax and the risks related to this intimate part are reduced. Of course, never use sleep!