Is Sleeping on the Left Good for Pregnant Women?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she should worry about everything related to her health and the baby’s development. Is sleeping to the left side good for the pregnant. As time goes by it becomes harder to do things like sleep.

Is Sleeping on the Left Good for Pregnant Women

As the baby’s birth time approaches, the discomforts of pregnancy increase.

In addition to the desire to go to the bathroom at all times, the pregnant women end up wasting a lot of time turning from side to side on the bed until finding a perfect position to accommodate the belly.

What is the best position for pregnant sleep?

Sleeping on the Left is Best for Pregnant Women

According to a survey conducted at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, sleeping on the left side is safer for the health of the baby and the pregnant.

Scientists have said that pregnant women who sleep on the right side of the body or with their belly up late in pregnancy are twice as likely to die prematurely as the mothers who sleep on their left side.

To get the result that sleep on the left is the best for pregnant women and babies, the scientists tested 310 women in New Zealand.

The study of pregnant women and 155 other women who had babies who died within the belly around the 28th week of pregnancy, between the years of 2006 and 2009.

Mothers responded to their sleeping position, sleep time, and often woke up before pregnancy, during the last month, week, and night before delivery.

The researchers also wanted to look at the effect of sleep disorders such as snoring and apnea in pregnancy because they could cause a decrease in oxygen reaching the baby.

However, the case study showed that the position in which the mothers slept was an important element in the premature deaths.

One of the possibilities pointed out by the research is that when the mother sleeps on her back or on the right side, the fetus could compress her inferior vena cava, responsible for bringing the blood to the heart. This will decrease the amount of oxygenated blood that goes back from the heart to the mother’s organs and, as a consequence, to the baby.

This study reinforces a doctors recommendation for pregnant women, because it will feel better when lying on the left side.

In this position, it does not compress the vena cava. From the belly up or lying on the right side, the pregnant woman may feel nauseous, cold sweating and shortness of breath.

Pregnant women, therefore, should always try to sleep on the left side.

However if you wake up at dawn and are on the right side or with your belly up you do not have to worry, therefore, other studies are necessary to prove the result of this research.