Irritable Uterus in Pregnant Women

The irritable uterus in pregnant women is presented when it suffers untimely contractions or before time and before this there is the likelihood of a premature birth. It also receives the name of “neuralgia of the uterus”. Contractions may be isolated or weak, and in that case are perceived as similar to the menstruation pain, but they may also be frequent, intense and painful.

If the case of frequent and intense contractions, should immediately go to the specialist to determine its scope. Many doctors consider that the situation must be checked by sending rest on pregnant women, sometimes by means of specific medications to control contractions. So would avoid a premature pregnancy.

In case of detecting structural abnormalities of the uterus, surgical correction may prevent future premature births.

So there is this phenomenon of premature contractions and the uterus becomes more “irritable”, it loses what is known as “uterine quescencia” (active relaxation of the uterus) and begin to produce a number of hormones that cause the onset of uterine contractions, with consequent changes in the cervix (which softens, shortens and dilates).

All this, of course, before 37 weeks of gestation, which is when one considers that it has reached “term”. And that’s when the effacement and softening and dilation of the cervix to the 2’5 or 3 cm can reach over a period of days or weeks without causing annoying and contractions as normal preparation at the time of the birth.

If your contractions, strong and painful, and not the preparation or Braxton Hicks contractions, have arrived before time, can be a symptom of irritability of uterus, in what is necessary visit to the gynecologist.