I Love Mar, Everything for Your Trip!

For those who do not know, Adoro Mar besides legal blog, haha, is also a brand of Products for travel , with bikinis, swimwear, maps to mark your trips, world map clocks, in this post, we will tell you a little more about the Brand and what you will find in our online shopping!

Adoro Mar was born in Goiânia GO, uai, haha ​​and as we the founders we have a huge passion for travel, beach and solzão we decided to move to Rio de Janeiro, we always adore this wonderful city and decided to live this adventure for a while next destination).The brand always had as its main goal to deliver fashion and beach products for travelers to Brazil all and in the future even to other countries.

We always think of bringing the comfort of online shopping, with quick delivery and closer proximity to the customer (Today we have the online chat on the site and we also serve via direct, we want to have this direct contact with you clients and friends), always looking for better ways of Do all this with excellence.

Our chief car today is Ripple Bikini , it is the fever of the moment, we bet on this model and we give our special touch in it, all designed to bring comfort and beauty to you.From this model we created 3 types of ripple bikini, a bow that is the one with the knickers on the sides, the whole panty and thong .Our prints are colorful and we bet on new things every time, so if you are passionate about bikinis, you can make a huge collection with us, different colors, textures and lots of comfort, you can bet.

Another product that is also a reference in Adoro Mar, is our bikini cropped , the model is top style, with removable bulge, so we can please all.His cut is thought to bring comfort and an extra style at the time of use, so much that the tie of his back is in X, it is wonderful.And to improve, we still have the option of trikini, where you can combine curtain with cropped + the panties of your choice, and we make available in all the prints.

Our line of Swimsuits and Bodys , has been arousing curiosity and bringing new customers to know the brand every day more.All designed and developed for water activities, best models for those who will travel, do diving, and still use the piece as clothing.

As I mentioned here in another post about our trip to Cancun, I used one of the swimsuit models, which is the only front to dive with dolphins, the model is very firm in the body and I wanted to enjoy the moment to the maximum, without worrying about The bikini coming out, rs.The best part is that afterwards I only put on a pair of shorts and I was ready to tour, because this model of swimsuit is great to use as Body.

Now we decided to enlarge our audience to the male too, and with that we brought special swimwear models.The flagship model is the boxer , which wears super good, in addition to being comfortable.The fabric is super resistant and we develop exclusive prints, and also smooth, for those who prefer the basics.

As we told you here, our line of products for travelers only grows every day, and we always look for cool ideas and make people remember that trip we made, or a way to connect and symbolize a dream, ours is to know more Of 50 countries, and live in some of them for 6 months.

Who loves to travel just like us, always wants to carry the world, a memory that is, and so we brought to our online store a super cool watch that has the mundi map in the background in various colors, we call affectionately as TRIP WATCH, it is a great Souvenir travel pros prada.

To remember every trip made and to mark wherever you went, we brought you an extremely bad MAP , you scratch the already visited countries, ours is on the wall of the room, just to remember that we have to mark the next trip and shave more places!And from that same line, has our MUG MY TRIPS , it comes with a pen to color also the countries visited, or for those who dream, it is worth to mark the next destination as a goal.

In addition to these products, there are many other amazing things, and what’s more, it does not stop to get news in our online shopping, did you?Come and see more.