I Give the Size

Ladies and gentlemen, I give the size, but as a person to share with tod@s you my regimen of exercise and diet. I hope to help and to serve you. Luck and strength!

I Give the Size

Already sabeeis that I requetechifla maximally eat, always has been and always will be. In addition I am a dining ’emotional’ total, if I’m nostalgic I throw to cheese, if I’m angry I get to red meat and if I am bajón chocolate always comes up I the mood.

As in a healthy way, because I’ve always been very kitchenettes, my problem is not the quality, but quantity. I have not be deprived of anything being pregnant and that of ‘as you remove the lactating’ is a gross lie (at least in my case) had neither background nor end my appetite (think I got fat and all).

For many, it is inconsistent to want to lose weight if you look well of gordita, in my particular case is a matter of health. For me, the turning point wine when recently the doctor informed me that by a few kilos I was already in the area of ‘obesity’ and that there was strong evidence that could be diabetic (already I am hypothyroid since I quit smoking almost 3 years ago). The truth is that you scared me and quickly got plan: I hired a personal trainer who is also a nutritionist and I signed up to give me lymph massage cabin. Lose weight until you reach my ideal weight and then keep me in it is clearly my goal. I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks and already I am going to stay close to my current weight, I don’t want to get much more, I am well and am close to my ideal weight.

I am going to narrate my step by step method if you helps you with your ‘operation bikini’ particular. I am not a nutritionist or trainer so excuse my blunders that are sure there will be in this post.

We all know that to lose weight there are two pillars: exercise and nutrition. It is mathematical, if you want to lose pounds… you have to move and close the peak.


At first it cost a bit but then you’ll see that you aficionas to move the skeleton. My birth as a c-section, I recommended to protect my pelvic floor and my abdominal walking, walking and walking. Cardio to sack go, much more better, but everyone that is regulated in its own way and adapts to their needs. Ideally, start slowly and go up the intensity and duration.

What I do I is going out with a warm water with lemon and ginger and a latte in the body… Almost in fasting is much easier than it seems. The warm water cleans the body and coffee wakes up the metabolism.

The passage of March is the passage of ‘I’m late’, go fast, almost running to trot but still walking, so that you break a sweat in 15 minutes and 40 minutes you start to burn so salt at least 41 minutes… (it is joke, not very gracious, sorry). I’m 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon (not always and every day but all I can do) in the morning without child and in the afternoon with cart and baby. Sometimes if Pepe wakes me up at 7 I take you and we’re going to walk strong together (soon more cool, of course). Love him because you are looking at it all, if cry or want to get out of the cart, I stop and do case. Minutes of exercise are cumulative, not passes nothing to stop and then resume.

I had many post-parturienta, gut a potbelly made as gel, which I didn’t like a hair and to remove anything better than the posture for walking (without hipopresivos still). The ideal posture is upright, tucked inward, with the activated area navel (hard) as if you were climbing you zipper of pregnant pants that don’t fit (all has passed). In addition, ass or the pelvis a point ahead (bending back a hair so that you don’t suffer the kidneys). Sometimes, take the cart with the child can help Walker mode to walk fast with this stance.

Not the dreaded effect’m me afraid rebound because honestly in my case, this is not a diet as is but a lifestyle for life. I have to take care of myself, and everyone should pamper our body, which has to last a lifetime. In addition, I must admit that since I do exercise I feel better, I’m more sympathetic and I feel more relaxed in general. Sometimes get me lazy, but when her venzo I feel great. I recommend to all and all that you move, you will not regret. Self-motivation is the key, if I can… all and all you can, believe me (I always think that if I could quit, I can yet).


My diet is a typically dissociated diet that relies on that the digestive system is not able to assimilate separately fats, sugars and proteins of the different food groups, so it is recommended eating them separately in each meal and not to collect them, to get increase weight loss. Is not a diet in the food intake is restricted it, all but eaten separately, eats 5 times a day but sparingly.

Narrated it you then:

Drinks morning pre-paseo:

  • Juice of half a lemon with ginger, in warm water
  • A coffee with milk (of oatmeal in my case) with stevia to sweeten


  • 1 piece of fruit: kiwi, melon, Apple…
  • 1 slice of whole wheat bread with Turkey, egg… (protein, go)
  • 1 tea

Mid morning:

  • Beaten green detox (recipe on the web cumichili.com). I do not always give me time so sometimes I’m replacing it by another piece of fruit, some nuts, a medjoul dates or something as well.


  • The days I train with my coach and I know that you I will work hard: I can eat Brown rice, wholemeal pasta, whole grain cereal or legume with vegetables or salad.

The rest of days:

  • 1st vegetable that is preferably steamed, can also be a little boiled, roasted or in soup or mashed or grilled. Or salad or gazpacho without bread.
  • 2. salad with protein, fish, Turkey, chicken (baked, steamed or grilled).

Lunch: fruit


  • 1 vegetable stock: boil 500 gr. celery, 4 onions, for an hour, strain the liquid and is taken before dinner with a dash of lemon, also you can buy the Aneto brand vegetable broth.
  • 2nd only proteins: ham, fish (seafood, tuna, mussels, cockles) chicken, or natural Turkey Breast, eggs. You can combine protein, for example a scrambled eggs with prawns.

Rich rich chicken/Turkey recipe

  • 1 breast of chicken or Turkey whole (the Middle guy double those that look like two lungs).
  • Spices (which you like) I usually put ginger, pepper, oregano, or curry, sometimes also I put mega spices.
  • Salt.
  • You have two cooking options:
  • Papel kitchen if it is baked
  • Paper cling film if you’re to boil


  • If you are using the oven at 220 ° precalientalo
  • If you’re going to boil, grab a pileup where you fit your breast or chicken breasts if there are several (I make batches of 2 or 3 chicken breasts and the left in the fridge for salads, dinners etc. thus maximize effort)
  • Put the film or paper kitchen and you put up all the spices you want… Put up the film or paper spicy your breast of chicken or Turkey and salala in addition to putting up the same spices below. Wrap it and If it is for the oven, wrapped as if it were the lunch sandwich with generous aluminium, in this case will be kitchen paper (type en papillote). If it is plastic, film , you will have to wrap the chicken breasts with at least 3 layers of film and put into cold water until boiling and then wait 20 minutes to get them. If it is baked, depends on a little thick, but half an hour in a previously heated oven should cook it well. If it doesn’t, and they are a little popcorn to cut the chicken breasts, can always put the slices cut on the plate to the micro, so ends to secure.

This is a recipe that my mother taught me last summer and I have not failed to do, soil make several chicken breasts, with or without garlic, and with different spices not to bore me and I always have them in the fridge. It is healthy, light and made in house. You can use them in a thousand different ways, and if they are the oven can also stuffed chicken breasts that you want.

Good advantage virtual family!