How to Wear Jeans?

The jeans can be more practical to use clothes, imagine if you can still be stylish?

The jeans are in our wardrobe for many years, despite having appeared as an exclusive piece for the miners of the United States, the jeans fell to the taste of all social classes and today passes at all times. The trend all jeans it is almost unanimous in everyone, every day we see people who earlier refused to wear a pair of jeans, turning the piece into powerful looks up for the red carpet. Or you don’t remember Britney Spears Justin Timberlake in a double look all jeans in the years 90?!

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Even with all this globalization of the jeans, I always get questions of How to use style jeans, then separated some looks for you. The first three bring trend destroyed–super high in the northern hemisphere–came gradually here in Brazil, but the idea is to combine with drained t-shirts, jackets right align and even high heels as did Amal Alamuddin and Beyoncé.

Another good option is to choose the flare Pant-Pant bar has to be very long and leave only the tip of the shoe on display, it is more common to use with high heels to elongate the silhouette. In winter, it’s a good option to choose colored or patterned shirts meshes to compose the look with man of 70 years.

You can also bet on the dark jeans, grey or even black because the color ‘s slimming enough and gives a little more elegance to the look. Kim Kardashian ‘s super fan of dark pants with some rips in the knees and is perfect in Basic looks with high-heeled Sandals–elegant although I’m in jeans! Another idea is to use with short boots to enjoy the winter with much style, you can make the “base of the look” all black and bet on flashy jackets as faux fur or patterned.

To finish, I chose three looks with skinny jeans and light blue rasgos knees–Yes, this trend is here to stay! The first look shows a very basic combination with point of color in the shoes, the second option brings a trench coat with black boot low barrel-perfect choice for the cold days that you need to get out a little more elegant. The last look has a footprint more stripped, well folk with printed fabric and boot country -is super nifty!

Don’t stop wearing jeans this winter!

Photos: Reproduction

Posted on 13 July 2015

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