How to Wear Jeans Shorts?

Hello guys!

With summer coming, very hot, we just want to know even to wear little clothes.It’s dressed there, get out here and especially a lot of shorts. And nothing better than a pair of jeans, which combines everything, to use and abuse in high temperatures.

Probably every wardrobe has at least one jeans shorts. Just like the pants, they can also be worn on a day-to-day basis and in productions ranging from the beach to the night out. Knowing how to coordinate the piece, this is guaranteed item for all styles.

With the popularization of jeans, the shorts in this fabric became a very versatile piece. “It can be used both in summer and winter. On hot days, it goes from the beach in bikinis, to a dinner with a shirt and blazer, “suggests Renata Corsetti, an image and style consultant.

The alert is for more formal occasions that demand finer and more elaborate fabrics. At this point, it’s best to put off your jeans shorts and look for other pieces that look better on these types of occasions. And you can get more from Mcat-test-centers.

Chiqueria’s style consultant, Josane Muriel gives the hint of where she can and can not wear denim shorts. “Avoid using in more formal settings, such as in law firms and general administrative positions. In the most deprived workplaces, such as advertising agencies, for example, it can be used, taking due care with lengths and effects destroyed, “he adds.

Types of body and style

For the skinny, jeans shorts are right recommendation, regardless of model. For those who have a wide hip, the tip is to choose models without pleats, with little volume, without washes and in darker colors. “These tips help lower and disguise the hip region. But those who have a thin hip can abuse volumes, washes and other effects in the fabric, without fear, “says Josane.

Already for plus size women, the tip is to pay attention in some details. “For those who have the fittest body, it can not be too short or glued to not draw so much attention to the butt or the fat. The ideal is the medium shorts and looser, boyfriend style, “says Renata.

In fact, the boyfriend style models, longer and longer, and the destroyed, full of shreds and tears, are always on the rise. Hot pants, which are those with the shorter side and high waist, recently arrived in stores, but have already won the preference of women.

Jeans shorts look options

– For more casual occasions, a more democratic look: jeans shorts with regata.

– In moments that demand more elaborate clothes, it is worth combining the jeans shorts with finer fabrics and glitter, since they are sleeves and collar more closed, guidance of style consultant, Josane Muriel.

– For winter, sweater (or knit, or jacket), pantyhose and boot can make up the ideal look.

– For more tidy production, use with earrings, necklaces and belts with more glamor.

– When you want to be more daring, Renata recommends counterbalancing the jeans shorts, which exposes the body, with something more closed, basic rule of fashion. Avoid showing your lap and arms so you do not get too much skin on display.

Ready. Choose your shorts and sweat this summer!

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