How to Use: Strappy Bra

At first it seemed the only fad Instagram, a celeb used here and there and then kind of suddenly… ready! The  bra strappy, with cutouts and bra straps made to stay on display, began appearing everywhere and today is probably the most popular way of putting the trend “lingerie on display” in practice.

Check out then inspirations and tips(from where to buy, even!) to incorporate the piece to look in several ways:

The strappy began making success just as a solution for the fashionista blouses with different necklines on his back and dug races! After all, If you’re the team that does not open the hand BRA, rather than what you feel is really beautiful show, huh?!

With thin spaghetti straps forming geometric designs, the piece gets a modern air instead of “fashion faux pas” that would be before with a common bra there all exposed… Still worth abusing open necklines Yes! By the way, and you will see that during the post, the nicest styling is to combine the strappy tops/dresses with loose, so run a look to stay over on sexy!

Prefer to leave only the spaghetti straps/exposed cutouts in front(not the whole piece), the result is much more cool! And ah! The strappy is a sin difficult to be used in the workplace, but if your is more informal, this is the coolest way to incorporate(better if both are the same color). If you work in a place with dress code more serious, better let the BRA with cut-outs for the weekends even…

Generally more relaxed looks bound, the strappy bra can do(very) Nice in combinations with transparent shirts(all black without error!) and even dresses deluxe–this look up is not super desire for a ballad? Hehe

Want to see how the famous use strappy bra? Just keep an eye on  music festivals, where Marina Ruy Barbosa, Mirella Santos,Monique Alfradique Ticiane Pinheiro and used! And they’re damn right, since the play gives that sexy look as far as the rock huh?

Grazi Massafera, for your time, shows how to use a basic look-relax, while Manu Gavassi and Demi Lovato picking the item as a top, combined with high waist–that is to say that sometimes there’s even bikinis models that can do the times of a beautiful strappy bra, see? What counts at this time are the clippings.

Before they only had a few(and expensive) models, now fast fashion stores also ran behind and made their, has for all tastes and pockets. In fact, to answer a question that came up in the comments: who has large breasts can bet on more structured strappys(getting away from those who are just the lacework and tulle) or also give preference to those who are more worked on his back and more traditional in front to support the breasts.

  • Enjoyed the tips, girls? Who is already a supporter of strappy account in comments which your favorite way to use!