How to Use: Lace Top

The lace top is one of the strongest trends in summer 2015, if before the lingerie should be hidden, now she reigns at all in stylish looks with bohofootprint. An example of this is the first picture the girl uses just a flared skirt, white lace top and a denim jacket-trendy without being vulgar.

The big trick to join the trend is betting on higher lingerie that conventional and in different formats as the triangular bra, which covers more than shows the body, this model is the Scala. The bralets, which are longer bras are also a good option, have style and complement well any look.

Of course, in everyday life the easiest way to join this trend is to use under transparent shirts, in the lace top is on display, but you don’t reveal everything. You also need to have good sense, for the girls of busty, this combination is the best idea.

The easiest way to bet on top of income is using it under races: looks great with just the rendered sidebar showing up and gives an extra charm to your production. Worth betting on black, which has no error and combines with all the looks, the colored ones are also beautiful, but require a little more reflection time to match! Either way you’ll look beautiful!

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