How to Style Flares

Each trend comes sometime back, at the moment there are flares in the Seventies-style! How can you combine the Sahneteilchen from past times and who they are particularly well? Just read!

Figurschmeichler Schlaghosen?

Bell bottoms sit quite tight on the thighs and are down sharply issued by the knees. Characterized the leg is optically divided into two halves, which can affect the legs slightly shorter and stronger. If you want to hide legs and buttocks rather, is with the pant therefore not ideal advice.

  • TIP: This effect you can mitigate However, if you wear a pant with continuous crease.She stretches namely turn.

The situation is different, if you’re satisfied with your legs and your calves only find strongly. During tube pants very strong stress calves, they disappear under a pant completely-virtually!

How Can You Combine Bell Bottoms?

Flares there from smooth stuff of coarse corduroy or from denim. This make you can quite different plus size outfits, for example, a simple office look with a blouse and blazer.

For the 70s-style a remake of the hippie looks perfect. For this, you can connect combine in large sizes pant with long jackets, delicate blouses or tunics . Denim shirts are also popular and underline the 70s look. Best always easy stuck blouses and thin shirts in the pants. Tunics and vests may fall over, but should not be too baggy. Much better fit waist or generally figure-hugging tops! And you can get more from

  • TIP: For curvy women a broad belt to pant has an advantageous effect.A narrow belt on the other hand leaves the hips and bottom look brighter than they are!

Shoes to Bell Bottoms Large Sizes

Since the leg of the pant is exhibited widely, including shoes disappear easily. Therefore, the best fit shoes with heels.Especially if you have a rather short legs, the pant comes to you with high shoes directly much better advantage.

  • Wedges and shoes with plateau are perfect for the 70s look
  • Classic pumps go as good as ever, to serious and especially elegant plus size outfits
  • naturally boots fit well, especially in autumn and winter-even if you do not see much from the shoe itself

Always ensure that the pants are long enough. Perfectly it fits when the skirt terminates just above the ground without the pants or grinds you appear back.

Therefore, most always with the shoes that you want to contribute, try!

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