How to Find the Perfect Bikini this Summer

The plus size model Robyn Lawley owns envy curves, and has starred in the covers of the most coveted fashion magazines. However, even she is easy to find the perfect bikini–one that fits perfectly and adds value to every part of your body. In an interview with the Australian Yahoo7 website gave his tips to get the right cut to rock on the beach.

Have An Open Mind

Always the same pattern and color? Then it’s time to expand your horizons. “You may have in mind a play conservative and black, but a more contemporary and colourful style can be more flattering. Don’t be afraid to experiment with designs that you like, but I think that will not fall well, because everything looks different on a coat hanger and you may have a pleasant surprise, “he reveals. And you can get more from besteducationschools.

Go Take Your Time

No matter the shape of your body, when it comes to swimsuit the rush certainly is the enemy of perfection: “don’t go buy in a hurry or when you’re too emotional, because the lights of tasters can be terrible. Get off at a day when you’re feeling great and bring a friend too honest and kind “.

Order The Right Size

Many women end up proving smaller parts by shame or even for failing notion of its real proportions, and this attitude will only make the model chosen does not endear you. “There’s nothing worse than wearing a bikini that doesn’t fit correctly. What I’m looking for are swimsuits or sets that don’t cut and shake my hips, thighs or back, “he says.

Invest In Support

If you have small breasts can use and abuse of templates without handle or with thin strips, otherwise, prefer the wider and who leave the firm and attractive bust. “Always prefer a bathing suit that has proper support for your size,” he says.

Choose The High Waist

The tummy upsets you? The knickers with waist in place are great allies to let that concern, and it is worth investing: “I prefer swimsuits with high waist. They go down well and are still in fashion”.

Make A Stock

When you find the one that makes you comfortable and elevates your self-esteem, the best thing to do is buy two, at least is what supports the model. “When you find a piece that makes you feel incredible Valley store, especially if you are on sale. Many times I find something that fits perfectly and then never seem to find, so I always try to buy two or three items of anything that I love”, he adds.