How to Choose a Diaper Bag

One of the essential when we have a child it’s the Bag A LANGER.

The question is how to choose a diaper bag. Yes, you read well sound changing with a big “sound” bag because the choice of the diaper bag is not harmless at all…

Let me explain.

The changing it bag is going to be your best friend for both see next three years see more if it is a quality bag. It is therefore very important and in your place, I’ll try not to miss me.

So how to choose? There are several criteria to be taken into account, some may be more important than others depending on your personality.

First the look.

One of the first questions to ask it is compared to who/what I’m buying? I want it to go with the sex of my baby, my stroller, mixed so that both parents use it, it fits my style…

Analyze these choices a little more in details:

-Baby: it’s a girl / it’s a boy or mixed? Many moms do this choice there, I’m not a fan because it means that you may not be able to use it again later if you have a child of the other sex. Very childish colors/patterns usually are so cel might yell with some of your outfits.

-Coordinated with the stroller: we often see bags to langer the same color as the stroller or the same brand as the stroller. Blah, I find no? Because when it comes out very little with the stroller, well ben it is failed and have experienced it myself (I bought a stroller and I had to use a dozen times at most), is not a good calculation. In addition, designer changing bags, it has nothing to do with the creation of strollers so be careful if you decide to go top to check the quality of the bag, the number of pockets, size… in short, it is handy and not just that it looks like your stroller.

-Choose a mixed bag that goes as much to dad to MOM: this is an option that can work especially with the number of basic bag on the market. What I find unfortunate with this type of bag is that it looks like all the world and no one at the same time. It’s so 100% practical and economical. With this kind of bag, we’re on the profitability more than on the fun and originality but it is a choice that I find it better than the two first options (coordinated baby or stroller lol).

-The other choice is to indulge yourself (and I’m a pleasure shopping while cel not always pleased my husband lol) and choose a bag that looks like us (whether you’re a woman or a man)! It’s happening more and more and fortunately!

A bag is important for a woman and taking a bag for another reason to have fun is a waste (according to me and if there is a choice of course).

There are more and more beautiful bags on the market with quality materials, seams and the details, bags changing hyper feminine which match your image of woman (or man even if you unfortunately, supply is less varied).

The price is often higher because what we sell you this is not just a bag for when baby is here but this is a bag that is also used before and after baby. Some bags like those of Lin & Leo make you want to buy even if there are more baby to manage lol.

Once you know that you buy, now for the exterior.

Are several things to take into account:

-The number of pockets: it is particularly important for girls who are super B… liques like me LOL. The pockets on the outside doesn’t put the products you want to have on hand and may get lost inside the bag.

Typically, my phone and my wallet, the keys to the House (even putting them outside I find a way to get them for hours lol), the baby pacifier, wipes/tissues… In short, it’s convenient and it goes faster.

-If the outside material is laminated or not. Indeed, more and more changing bag are covered with a thin waterproof film that allows a wipes to clean the bag from the outside. What makes your bag stays good longer and when you have a baby, no time to lose so we have to go to the more efficient/practical!

-Is that of fasteners strollers are supplied with the bag or not? If not, is there at least rings that allow strollers hooks (they also sell separately).

-The size of the bag. It will depend on the age and the number of children you have. Indeed, buy a bag to langer at the birth of your child or buy a diaper bag when he was 2/3 is not the same thing. Indeed, a baby at birth must be change (layers) 6 to 7 times a day. In contrast, a child of 2 to 3 years will be changed 3/4 times a day, layer needs will be different. Similarly, if you are breastfeeding, or if you give the bottle, a mother who is breastfeeding will be less needs as a MOM who doesn’t breastfeed. Of course, if you have twins did not take a “small” bag unless you decide to take two bags.

-Shoulder strap or the Cove or on the back: it is very important and it is not account initially but a bag changing it can quickly become quite heavy and when door baby and more it becomes exhausting. Then anticipate and choose a bag with a comfortable handle. Take rather large coves and which are adaptable: more a bag is heavy, most hold high… in all it does for me! Some bags can also be bagged for quite handy back when you’re the type to want to just take lol

-Finally, some bags have kind of cleats on the underside which allow to put the bag on the floor without mess or damage your bag… well it is a small + handy!

Now for the inside…

-Again, the ideal is to have several pockets to store each item in its place and thus avoid having to everything out before you find what you need! The ideal is to have locations of type pockets open and one or two zippered pockets. In the open pockets, you put the accessories of classic change you have to make quickly and in the zippered pockets you put products in less common use, this can be drugs, a baby flies, or business to you (documents, wallet, phone, ipad…).

-In a certain bag, you have pockets insulated to keep cool baby meals, a bottle, a bottle of water. These pockets are very practical because they already allow a special location perfect meal and in addition they have a sizeable isothermal function! Sometimes changing bags are fitted with a door insulated bottle coordinated bag and if this is not the case, you can buy them regardless so no. worries if the bag of your dreams is not provided!

-Choose also a diaper bag with a large central space for comforters, toys, swaddling blanket…

-The lining of the bag : I like when it’s Super feminine with a style a little retro (peas,…) or style luxurious silk. On the other hand, prefer clear colors that allow to better see inside;

-Finally the bag closing takes place with a zip or rabat, it is according to your taste and habit. Me personally, I prefer the flap because I often forget to close the zips lol but good is each his taste.

-Price level, you get for every budget starting from € 30 to € 300 or €400. The bag changing today is more than just a bag that has become a fashion accessories, real fashion designers are working on it, finishes and details of some bags are very worked.

Some bags are expensive it’s true but they are made to last and be used for several children.

It is no longer in the period “I buy a bag for baby”, we are in the period “I buy a bag for me” which I used to contain products that my child will need!

After if you do not have the means to buy an expensive bag (or didn’t like), go on the basics or my advice: wait for the sales!!!

You will find here all the bags to changing that we chose to offer on our site, seeing the pictures you’ll understand why we love them lol.