Hope Lingerie: Discover the Benefits

Hope Lingerie works by selling lingeries and already has 138 units all over Brazil.Offering a wide variety of models, Lingerie Hope still brings an excellent profitability margin to franchisees, which makes it one of the best investment options in the industry.

You want to open a business in a branch that has high demand and is profitable year-round? One of the best opportunities is to invest in the sector of lingerie, which is one of the most consumed products by Brazilian women, who buy both for basic need how to follow the trends of the fashion universe.

There are several ways of making a profit with the lingerie sector, among them is the trade of these parts, which is highly profitable, which is due to the large demand existing in Brazil women and the fact that these pieces be exchanged and replaced frequently. To work by selling lingerie, one option is to become a franchisee of the franchise Hope Lingerie, which is one of the most prestigious brands among women in the national and international market.

The franchise has more than 40 years of experience in the sector of underwear, being considered one of the highlights in franqueadoras mode, since it offers a well structured business model, enabling the franchisee growth along with the brand. Track down more information and tips about the franchise Hope Lingerie:

History Of Hope Lingerie

The company Hope was founded in 1996 in the city of São Paulo, having been created by the Lebanese businessman Nissim Hara, who started with a small production of underwear aimed at the female audience. Quickly, the project found a way to stand out compared to other brands, offering pieces that combined sexiness with comfort, what would be considered the your formula for success.

To expand the brand and take their lines ofunderwear for the largest possible number of women to Lingerie Hope became a franchisor network in the year 2005, consolidating once the brand in the Brazilian market. At present, the company has more than 138 franchised units scattered throughout the national territory, which transmit the concept of comfort, sensuality and fair price for the target audience.

The franchise Hope Lingerie aims to follow by expanding the brand throughout the country and to other countries, characterized as a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to work with a recognized brand and with credibility, which focuses its efforts on investing in a franchise to continue satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers.

What Is The Target Audience Of The Franchise Hope Lingerie?

The franchise Hope Lingerie has as target audience women aged between 18 and 50 years. The products of this brand are targeted mainly to women who seek intimate apparel that offer comfort, but at the same time are pretty and value women’s self-esteem.

What Is The Profile Of The Franchisee Of The Franchise Hope Lingerie

The franchise search for franchisees aged between 25 and 55 years of age, who have higher education in business administration or in other areas related to business management. If the franchisee candidate present successful experience in the trade or business of lingerie also counts as a differential.

In addition, the franchisee of the franchise Hope Lingerie must also have availability to devote himself to full-time business and conform to the ideal network business franchisor, which is essential for putting into practice the methods and strategic planning.

What Are The Benefits Of The Franchise Hope Lingerie

The franchise qualification of its franchisees invests in, allowing them to maintain the standard of quality of the mark in each new store that opens. Want to be a franchisee of the franchise Hope lingerie? The following is what are the benefits of working with the Lingerie Hope:

1-The Franchise Hope Lingerie Is A Reputable Brand In The Market

You will be working with a respected brand in the market and one of the leaders in the segment of undergarments and lingerie in Brazil. The company stands out for offering good quality clothes, high durability, price and facing all kinds of bodies. Thus, the franchisee will find easy to form your card and financial profit.

2-Support For The Opening Of The Unit

The franchise Hope Lingerie supports the opening of franchised unit, assisting the franchisee in the completion of documents, selection of the best commercial point, in addition to the adaptation and installation of the franchise.The company also helps the franchisee in the purchase of furniture for the store and in the composition of the first stock of lingeries. And you can get more from sacramentomart.

3-Lingerie Hope Has A Training Program To The Franchisee

What do you think of a specific training for you? The franchise Hope Lingerie has a specific training program for its franchisees in order to empower them. Among the training offered by the company’s business management and administration, day-to-day activities, approach and sales, customer service and recruitment of employees. The franchisor also trains the first staff.

4-The Franchise Hope Lingerie Advises Continuing

The franchise Hope Lingerie consults for franchisees, tracking the performance of each unit periodically, analyzing if the stipulated standard of operation is being respected. The company also promotes training and upgrade recycling to maintain the standard of quality of the mark.

5-Exclusive Support In Marketing

The franchise Hope supports Exclusive Lingerie in marketing for each franchised unit, including the franchisee in national advertising campaigns and developing regional campaigns unique to the franchises, taking into account the characteristics of the region and of the local consumers.

Of course, it is important to highlight that the franchisee makes the monthly payment of advertising fee, which will be addressed below.

How Much Does It Cost To Open The Franchise Hope Lingerie?

To open the franchise Hope Lingerie the franchisee has to make an investment of R $140,000 R $350,000 thousand thousand reais, the variation in value happens according to the necessary adaptations in the commercial point. In addition, the franchisee must also have a working capital of R $30,000 thousand dollars to pay for the activities of the first few months.

Franchise Fees Charged By Hope Lingerie

To mount the Lingerie franchise Hope it is necessary to pay the single rate of acquisition of the brand of R $30,000 thousand reais, royalty rate monthly percentage of 10% of monthly gross sales of franchised unit. Finally, you also need to pay 2% of monthly gross revenues in the franchise to promote advertising campaigns, also known as advertising rate.

What Billing And Turnaround Time Of Hope Lingerie Franchise?

Have you ever seen that has a cost, which, for many, is considered high. So you should be asking yourself: is it worth becoming a franchisee of Hope Lingerie? Is it fair to this doubt and to analyze the cost x benefit ideally check billing and turnaround time.

The monthly average billing every unit of the franchise is R $110,000 thousand reais. It is worth noting that this is a value that the company informs. To get to calculus, the same sum all income obtained in the units and divides by the number of franchises with this, of course, some have higher income than others, but in the long run, this would be the average.

The brand estimates that the turnaround time of all the capital invested in opening the business happens between 18 and 36 months of activity on the market.

How To Open The Franchise Hope Lingerie

Great, you’ve already decided whether or not to start aLingerie unit Hope, correct? The question is, how to do it?

To open the franchise Hope Lingerie the franchisee shall access the website our site/and clicking on the icon “Is a franchisee” and then “Make your record”, then fill in all personal and professional data that are requested.

The Lingerie franchise Hope will receive your registration form and analyze whether you own the franchisee profile desired, if the answer is positive, she will contact you to schedule an interview in person and make a complete presentation of the business. If the meeting is successful, the financial viability plan and initiated the opening of the new franchise.

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