Health Professionals Say Lack of Information Discourages Breastfeeding

Decisions that involve the birth of a baby and need to be taken by the parents go far beyond the decoration of the room, the choice of name, maternity or type of delivery.Even before the arrival of the stork, mother and baby health care is extremely important.

Such care should continue after birth, especially with breastfeeding.In a recent survey conducted in five countries by Lansinoh Laboratories with 1,044 health professionals (pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists and nurses), the behavior of mothers in clinics and hospitals was analyzed and raised the main causes responsible for hindering the breastfeeding process . And you can get more from top-medical-schools.

According to the analysis, 80% of health professionals responded that they would like mothers to seek more information about breastfeeding techniques before the baby is born.Lack of knowledge about the topic makes it difficult for mothers to stop breastfeeding.

The study also notes that 41% of physicians suggest that mothers seek information from doctors and specialists during the third trimester of gestation.Another barrier encountered by professionals is the concern that milk is not enough and that it is not feeding your baby properly.

What happens during and immediately after giving birth can have an impact on breastfeeding.Therefore, it is necessary for the health professional to understand the goals of breastfeeding before birth.Information and brainstorming is the key to successful breastfeeding.