Have You Lost Your Mother’s Passport?

Tomorrow we have our 3rd appointment with the women doctor. That is, the first trimester is done and we can assume that the critical phase of pregnancy has survived. We do not assume that something should be wrong, because on the last date, everything was all right and the little creature developed magnificently, as far as one could judge. In addition, my fiancée came home with a mother’s passport, which the woman doctor gave her. We have looked inside and I have also seen a lot of stickers, which were for the different investigations. Otherwise there was not too much in the mother’s pass. Only a lot of fields, which still have to be filled in the course of the pregnancy. For me it was clear, that this little booklet is extremely important and as a woman always should be carried with you. Today, four weeks later, and one day before the doctor’s appointment, my little boy asks me, “Did you see the mother’s passport somewhere? I just can not find it.”

“Oh, what’s going on now?” I only think. He should always be near you. Stupidly I did not know logically at the moment, where he could be. So it was now directly after half a tin pizza, the mother pass to look for. Imagine the body digesting just 1kg of homemade pizza, and you can even look at the couch with one eye before a little rush of panic spreads in the living room. We have really looked everywhere, where documents are usually with us – no trace of the mother pass! Couch slipped, couch raised … nothing, just nothing! The longer we were looking, the more I felt a bad feeling that I could have accidentally disposed of the mother pass on my last, record-breaking living room cleaning action.

As I once expressed my concerns, I was indirectly the culprit! My fiance was also mad at me. She does not need to say anything. Her greatest fear was, above all, to have to say tomorrow in practice that she has lost her mother’s passport. And she just can not do that! For this she is just a tick too proud and I can understand that. A scapegoat had to come, so I was there when you needed me!

Before she is stupid in the morning, I will just say I have the mother pass the last time somehow fooled on the way home. Should not be a problem, because especially Papa-friendly did not treat me at the last visit. The idea made Hanna relieved and me, because the problem seemed solved. Still, I wondered why the mother’s passport was not just in the handbag, where he should be my opinion.

Ten minutes later, I hear only from the living room: “I have him!” That does not exist now. Now I’m really curious about where the mother’s pass was, who somehow wanted to spoil the evening. “Here he was in the couch,” she said, grinning happily, but at the same time looked at me with a bit of a challenge and said, “That’s how it looks. We have already looked at it together. He should have caught you, if you throw it away. “But hey, what do I know! In my memory he looked like 16 years ago when my mother was pregnant with my brother! Since 2013 however the books look different. With attention, I could not seem to score points tonight. And for Hanna such moments always stand for our lived chaos and then I see it in her face:It is doubtful whether we will be responsible for the responsibility of a child . The little worried head! For real!

In any case, we have found the mother’s pass, rest has been given up, I have finally been able to digest in peace, and I will see that in future the mother’s passport will be at home with us and a copy is in the handbag of my betrothed! Now I am only looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting, and I hope that the little child will continue to be beautiful and healthy!