Have on Ebay/Aliexpress: Black Pants off

Hi girls, what’s up with you? And the weekend are enjoying much? RS. Well, tomorrow I have a wedding in Linhares-ES and I promise to bring many new features, including the Look of Bride rs.

Today I came to show you a package of mine arrived yesterday #blessed holiday, my black pants off, like this that Kah used here. Ask 1000 apologies because my camera broke and my phone’s in the shop, so I couldn’t take a picture of the blessed, and she also didn’t fit in me #Oh sadness I’m going to have to sell it and force the new owner to take a fotinha pro Look of the day lol. I ordered size M this seller here, when I bought some 4 months ago, I paid $ 11 plus shipping, which has approximately 30 reais. The pants are a cute, well made strech, the buttons are with the flag of England, very cool, I was super sad not having passed or my hip hahaha. And you can get more from topbbacolleges.com.

People, I got a pair of these at home, soon I will show to you, because the pictures are on my machine, is really nice and easy, I promise it’s hyper next week I show you how to do, if nobody wants to spend a fortune buying one, or waiting a decade of Ebay get hahaha. I love this kind of pants, despite the shenanigans of little hip in fashion who insist on asking if someone hit me lol.

Extra: looking for photos to make this post, I found one that I did not like much, look and take the opinion of you. Would like to see the boy of you with this look? I found much ugly (fans of Fiuk excuse me hahaha).

And then girls, have already joined the fashion? And buy (or do) one of those pro Boy of you? tell me what you think.