Hair in Pregnancy: Hairy Times

Why do my hair fall out? How do I deal with it? And is hair dyeing dangerous in pregnancy? Our expert will give you tips for the perfect hairstyle.

Julia Bihler, Creative Director of Ponyclub Hairdressers in Munich, knows how to make your hair look fresh and lively in your pregnancy!

The natural rhythm of hair growth changes during pregnancy. The hormone estrogen is responsible for this. It prolongs the growth phase of the hair, which results in less hair loss. The result is a dense hair splendor.

What Happens To My Hair?

After birth, the estrogen level drops, causing more hair than usual to go into the resting phase, ie they are completely separated from the root and therefore also from the nutrient supply. After three to four months these hair fall out and that can be more than 100 per day. In the hair follicles however new hair form again. So do not panic and a little patience – the hair is there, they are only short!

How Do I Deal With This Situation?

You do not recognize your hair any more? Yes, because you are just not used to the new circumstances. You should be patient with yourself, rethink and adapt to the new hair situation. Many women choose a short haircut after giving birth . Perfect, because all hair has the same length. If this is not an option for you, then you should cut your tips – generous and a few gentle steps do their hair now well. Emphasize what you can barely conceal at the moment and make a frilly-cheeky look from the frisky hairstyle. If your temples are just covered with a fluff, think about a pony after hiding the little stain. Whether sideways or classic straight – both are ideal!

Growing Approaches – What Now?

Hair coloring in pregnancy? There are many different opinions from experts and manufacturers. Medics and midwives advise against coloring during the first three months of pregnancy, as the baby’s organs develop during this time. The decision for or against the new color is, however, with the expectant mother.

Tips & Tricks

However, with the following tips, you can bridle dye-free times or keep distances as large as possible:
– Coloring of the vertex including swirl: Only a narrow part of the scalp comes into contact with paint and underlying approaches are covered relatively well.
– brushing the neck with mascara or eyeshadow: makes her approaches “aushfein”, for every occasion. Of course, this does not replace a hair color, but it delays the color treatment.
– Dry shampoo with color pigments: Is there, so far, only in the USA, but perhaps one or the other acquaintances travels into the country of the unlimited (hair) possibilities and bring with them this souvenir. Without pigments, you can also buy dry hampoos on the German market.
– Strands instead of complete coloration: There is no problem here, because in the case of the strands the color only comes into contact with the strands and not with the scalp. It can not enter the organism.

And If Nothing Helps?

Ladies, hand on heart. Even if the main house seems to be the last thing, which remains beside you not suitable clothes, waiver of coffee and who still knows everything. Of course, you are more critical than any outsider, so here are a few tips for the good feeling: For example, simply keep a half a meter more distance to the bathroom mirror. This is like a prank for the ego and you train the “third” look: with the cosmetic mirror in the hand the chocolate side discover. Stay realistic and have a little patience with yourself and your body. Because even your hair is only in “other circumstances”.