Grazi Massafera Style

Fans of fair parts and muted colors, Grazi Massafera combines elegance, sensuality and sophistication

That Grazi Massafera is wonderful and that your fashion sense is impeccable, that everyone knows, but was it always like this? Since he appeared on the reality show Big Brother Brazil, in 2005, your style has evolved a lot and today Grazi became one of the best-dressed women in the country.

I can tell you know what body beautiful Grazi has and not ashamed to show it. And when I say “show”, it’s not just leaving the skin on display with their shoulder-to-shoulder necklines or strapless. Grazi Massafera turns and moves appear in events, parties and parades in dresses well and glued to the body, outlining her curves very well. After all, she can, right? More sexy, impossible!

In daily life, Grazi uses and abuses of the jeans. Be in pants, shorts or dresses. With his pants and shorts, Grazi combines shirts and simple races. By living in Rio de Janeiro, the actress is always with loose clothing and fresh, even in more formal events, with short dresses and worked.

Grazi also loves doing romantic line. Their long legs leave evasês even more beautiful skirts. To combine? Blouses drained and belts to mark well your waist. All with a lot of floral print and pastel shades such as Pink Quartz and blue Serenity, elected by Pantone colors of 2016. I love it!

When it comes to party, can hardly remember who the actress is the mother of Sofia, from three years, as a result of the relationship with the actor Cauã Reymond. Grazi exudes elegance and sensuality with the looks that chooses – including during pregnancy – always fair, always low-cut or with transparencies of breathtaking, but always just right. Vulgarity goes away from Paraná.

The height of Grazi also helps to wear dresses and skirts in midi length, a favorite of actress. Choose accurate for these two total whitedresses. Chic and sophisticated.

It is not difficult to realize that Grazi Massafera black fan, huh? And it’s not for less: tom leaves any more sexy woman Strip and that “little girl”. With a striking makeup (the dark lipsticks are always present in the make of the actress, especially when the event is more formal!!), Grazi draws attention wherever he goes.

And when it comes to Accessories, it is easy to realize that Grazi prefers a pair of earrings more eye-catching than necklaces and bracelets. On the contrary, are rare appearances of the actress with big bracelets and maxicolares. She prefers even earrings with colored stones that stand out amid the blond hair and large rings, always full of stones and strass. Aprovadíssimo!

So, what style tips you will steal from actress and raze in their upcoming looks.