Google Fashion

Google Fashion arrives at its 5th Edition, 3 days of fashion line and more than 25 designers, is that conform to this Edition, where fashion and technology complement each other, and are meant to give an opportunity to new designers and to which they are already positioned to give to know their collections to millions of people , this time inviting four countries: Mexico, Colombia, United States, and Europe.

Google Fashion 1

This edition will take place from September 29 to October 1. From and through the channel of YouTube’s House of Fashion. In addition to this will be presented three different formats: parades, Hangouts and The Stage, a format of display of fashion and interaction between the designer and the public. With these means, followers of trends and fashion lovers can enjoy their favorite event and special contents of the platform as well as being in the first row of the parade.

Google Fashion 2

The program is composed of different Mexican designers as: René Orozco, Mayeh, Armando Takeda, Marika Vera, Raquel Orozco, Stress Wear, Galo Bertin, blood of my blood, Mariana Luna, Macario Jiménez, Malamada, José Sánchez, 12.03, Carolina Crowley, Milton Calatayud and Ale Salcido.

Google Fashion 3

In addition, this edition will present 3 different groups. The first is composed of the national bloggers Mademoiselle Claire, Our Fashion Diary, Call us Whatever, Meow Magazine and Oh my Cd collection for the pregnant women, the second by new Mexican talent Isaac Rankuroi, at abbreviationfinder you can get more information of the pregnant, Carlos Herrera, MLM and Diana Altamirano, and the last curated by the team of Crom, which presents the proposal of urban fashion of international designers Ricardo Piqueras, Antidoto28 and Whatever 21.

Google Fashion 4

International special guests, the programme of the 5th Edition presents for the first time in Mexico the creations of designer and Mexican architect Jorge Ayala, in addition to the collection of the renowned American designer Christian Siriano and Colombian Camilo Álvarez.

Within the programme will be also carried out the Hangouts of Imana Fashion Film Festival, of the Colombian urban Project and Mextilo, the fashion of Gustavo Prado project.

Google Fashion 5

FashionFans, don’t miss this issue, remember that your are the special guest of Google Fashion.