Get back in Shape after Childbirth

Many women wonder how to get back in shape after childbirth. Transmissions and magazines show us the bodies of actresses and starlets, almost perfect in a couple of months after birth.

Relatives and acquaintances often make appreciations on our physical form, giving to understand that changes in body products from pregnancy before they disappear and the better.
Let’s think about this: is it really that important, in the post partum, with a newborn to take care of and rhythms that human have little, return immediately in jeans than before pregnancy? Here at answermba you can get more different models of the fashion. It is healthy to expect this?
Don’t feel compelled to go back now and exactly “as before”. Take it easy, enjoy your child and don’t demand too much of yourself.
That said, it is critical, here are a few helpful tips to get fit more easily.

Take a few pounds in pregnancy

Obviously, contain the weight gain is the first rule to get back in shape after pregnancy. Healthy eating, following the advice of your gynaecologist, will help you in this regard.
However, our fabrics are not a rubber band and even if, hypothetically, with childbirth you lose all the pounds purchased, would not immediately belly as flat as before.
All women immediately after childbirth, they retain a belly similar to that of the 4° -5° (or even 6°) months pregnant, which then falls gradually. Many claim to be with wider hips after pregnancy, although they have recovered the initial weight.

The adequate nutrition

This is an important, though often overlooked in the hectic period of post partum. It seems that things are less simple to prepare healthier and more complicated to obtain. Try to always keep frozen vegetables and soups, homemade salads in bag, fruit, maybe using some online sales and delivery service, if you can’t do otherwise.
These foods are important to limit your calorie intake (which in any case should not be reduced so too drastic) but also, in the complex of adequate food, varied and complete, to provide vitamins and minerals useful both for feeding that to replenish body reserves, depleted by pregnancy.
Should not also Miss cereals, preferably wholegrain, starchy foods and sources of omega 3 (mainly fish). Better limit, however, fried foods and overly processed, sweets and sugary drinks.
Avoid DIY diets and fasting.
If breast feeding, consider that your body requires, for that alone, approximately 500 Kcal: diets too drastic, maybe already followed at different times of life, are not adequate. Don’t be too quick to lose weight after childbirth.


It is not easy, in the life of a new mother, finding the time to do gymnastics, but initially it may suffice for long walks with the stroller. Many babies love being in wheelchair in motion and, if time allows, get three birds with one stone: let them be calm, exercise and stay both in the open air, which is good for your body and mood.

Targeted exercises

As the rhythms go back to normal, you might enjoy better targeted exercises to tone your muscles, especially those of the abdomen.
Initially you can limit yourself to contract and relax the abdominal muscles several times (and simultaneously the buttocks) or, in the supine position, with legs spread and bent, the soles of your feet on the floor and your arms at your sides, contract your abdominal muscles as to indent the midriff, while breathing out. Hold the contraction for a few seconds, then relax by breathing and repeat.
In a second step, you can go to the classic exercises for abdominal muscles.