Four Exercises to Strengthen Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor It is a group of muscles that are limited by the buttocks, thighs and pelvis that careerist to three internal organs: bladder, uterus and rectum. Although it is little known by some women it is an area of the body that has much to do with pregnancy and childbirth.

In fact, strengthen the pelvic floor exercises help to have a better birth back muscles more elastic and firm and making more flexible the birth canal, as well as also favors the postpartum recovery and prevent consequences such as incontinence.

In the blog we have given some exercises to do during pregnancy as Kegel exercises as well as other exercises recommended by Mercedes Blanquet, President of the Association of Spanish physiotherapists of the pelvic floor.

Suggest us now at HowStuffWorks four more exercises to strengthen this part of our body through simple movements and the help of a fitball.

1) Firstly, foot, we will mobilise the hip back and forth as if it were a pendulum and will relax sphincters in the movement of adduction (tail back) and contraeremos movement of retroversion sphincters (pubis to abdomen approach).

(2) in a second exercise we can, using a fitball, sit on the ball with hands under the hip to make a lateral move that changes support the weight from one side to another. Also, in the same way the previous year, we can perform the movement back and forth.

(3) we can carry out a third exercise to sit on a ball, with the abdominal wall contracted, separating and joining the knees while keeping the feet together to activate the muscles of the pelvic floor.

(4) also on a fitball, this time lying about this, we will take air and contraeremos the abdominal muscles to simultaneously bring the knees in order to put into operation the adductor muscles and pelvic floor. Maintaining position a few minutes and then we will relax the abdomen and legs.