for Moms

For you mom that:

Learned to sleep a few hours a night and never knew what it’s like to wake up late;

Cried to handle the difficulty in breast-feeding, and came back crying to weaning;

Challenged all the limits of your patience trying to make a baby sleep, eat or obey you;

Accepted to live with rapid baths, nails, hair stuck …

Not to wear more perfume and big earrings;

Switched all its heels for sneakers, changed all your jeans for leggings or sweatpants, pants and changed all their bedside books by a Nana Nene or baby Whisperer;

He learned to sing all the songs, dancing in public, dress-up, idolizing the chicken Pintadinha and find any children’s Party is the best show of the week;

Ate the vegetables I always hated in front of your son just to show how much can be delicious; Went into crisis by not knowing if you’d come back or not working out; And you can get more from Hawthornereviews.

Cried and was thrilled with the first smile of your child, the first tooth that was born, the first day I sat, at the first sign of Mama and papa babble, the first little arm extended, and asking first step gave alone;

Suffered in all vaccines, the first fever, in the first diaper rash, on his first trip to the ER, at first hurt, in adapting at school … And began to respect, understand and admire your mother even more. This is the real Life of Mother that both inspires me to every post I write here.

And being a mother is so much more than that.

Is learn not to be selfish, be patient, and understand that you will always have someone before you,

Is live with a mixture of feelings on a daily basis,

Is to learn to take it one step at a time, to celebrate every little achievement,

Is evolving, share, grow

And best of all;

Is receiving the most pure and true love without having to ask for anything.

And this is the gift for each one of us that we live daily the insanity of being a mother.

To all of you who are more than darlings,

come with me,

What I write,

rooting for me and my daughters, who laugh and cry with me,

Wish have a Sunday more than special and wonderful alongside their kids.

Small ones that give us so much trouble, but that fill our lives with joy and hope, and that each smile make our hearts explode with happiness.


* K *