Folia Fashion:How to Ride Carnival Parasite Looks

After the turn of the year, the countdown to Carnival begins! In 2017, the Carnival will be on February 28 and the celebrations, as always, should roll on the Friday before the date.

But for now, it’s time to go planning for a holiday, and that includes thinking about the looks of Carnival!To help you, the Girls and Shoes separated some incredible inspirations to enjoy Carnival anywhere, check it out.

Street Block

The traditional street blocks are pure relaxation! Therefore, they demand more comfortable and stripped-down Carnival looks, created with basic pieces but full of charm.

Looks with jeans shorts are one of the darlings of the street block, it can be combined with the traditional abbey or in the custom versions of it, such as regattas or even a top cropped .If you prefer, you can replace the jeans with a more malleable fabric and bet on the prints.

Dresses, skirts and little monkeys are also good looks of Carnival for a block of street, just remember to use light parts. For the party to be complete, wear comfortable shoes, such as women’s leather sneakers .If you do not dispense with high heels, platforms and squares are good options.

Party at the Pool or Beach

If your Carnival will be watered with shade and fresh water, the tip is to use parts that run away from your usual.For this, you can use bikinis or swimsuits with cuts or different patterns.

Bath exits can make all the difference in your look; The kimonos, for example, are on the rise and combine perfectly with the bare climate of the pools and beaches, while adding a touch of elegance.

For a pool party the footwear can be from a creep with laser cutouts , to a jumping sandal like platforms.

Casual Bar or Ballad

To enjoy the Carnival holiday in bars or small walks, you can bet on relaxed productions. Looks with shorts and a bat, loose shirt or even a wide regatta are great options. Finally, wear lightweight footwear but as a presence, such as a flatform sandal, for example.

Dresses can also provide beautiful Carnival looks , as they combine casualness and style in the right measure, on the feet take the opportunity to change from traditional sneakers to open sandals or even leather espadrilles .

Which carnival look is your favorite? Tell us about the comments!