Female Lingerie Trends

Women who care about the pieces of underwear for sure want to be inside of the new trends of women’s lingerie 2013. The market is showing modern and sophisticated pieces, able to provide comfort and increase female sensuality.

2013 summer lingerie trends

The lingerie that will be in high summer season 2013 are comfortable and recognize the longings of women. The main trends have already been presented in the parades of the major brands of panties and bras, as is the case for the invasion.

Summer 2013 will be perfect to  use colorful lingerie  and combine it with the tanned skin. Among the main bets for the season, it is worth mentioning the rose, wine, turquoise, green, yellow and orange. The strong, striking and intense tones are perfect for women who want to cause.

The female audience looking for something more discreet and basic can play the  parts of pastels. This type of lingerie is delicate, romantic and features soft colours. Even for those seeking intimate parts more neutral and discreet, it pays to bet on the combination of beige with black, which will be super high in summer 2013.

The highlight of the summer 2013 women’s lingerie is also due to the prints. The geometric motifs and striped, as well as the poás and floral, will resume through the underwear next season.

Tips for choosing lingerie

Buy lingerie is always a challenge, as there are many options in stores and consumers tend to be in doubt about the ideal set. However, some factors may be considered to simplify the task of  shopping for panties and bras, like the biotype, personal style and the article will be used on the lingerie.

One of the biggest failures in time to buy bra and panties is the incompatibility with the pieces of clothing that will be used. For example, if the wife is going to adopt a dress in look, she should opt for a seamless panties, which is neither too thin nor too wide.

Women can  acquire the lingeries  thinking on enhancement of the body. To increase the size of the butt, the female audience is gaining more and more affinity for models with side seam right in the middle. The panties with Thong double also makes the butt more topping.

The panties also reveals an ally for women who have very hip and want to disguise the volume. The most appropriate model in this case cannot be tight and even sewing, because these details make the butt.

The difficulty to Choose lingerie  becomes even greater when the woman decides to wear a transparent dress. The best way of not letting her panties appear in these cases is betting on a petticoat nude.