Feeding Tips for Pregnant Women

When feeding and pumping
I do not think a mother does not have to convince of the need for breastfeeding and its advantages over artificial. Breast milk – the perfect product made by nature to feed the baby. A more suitable product than milk the birth mother does not exist. Milk composition and its amount depending on the day time changes. More milk is produced overnight. Premature breastfeeding can be almost transparent to meet the child’s needs in the fluid for food to end up becoming more dense and nutrient (called milk back). So often a child who is breastfeeding dopayvanyy does not need water.
Council . If you took and gave birth to the baby, no doubt, you feed it – in your power. “The milk is not produced in the breast, and the mother is the head” – so say the experts in breastfeeding. And you can get more from answerresume.
As up to 9 months of fetal life the baby his world was my mother, and my mother’s son feels good condition. Now everything changed around the world was very different, and the only point of support that – my mother, so familiar and trustworthy. And of course, if worried mother, baby much noise and disturbed or, sleeping soundly sleep (protective reaction of the nervous system – braking). This is a vicious circle. The best choice of breastfeeding establishment – when the baby all the time, including drowsiness, held in the chest and starts to suck on so he wants. In the early days and weeks, at the beginning of lactation, squeak any child – to signal to attach it to the breast. But not all breast is dead. It was on this occasion invented to cover the nipples and cracking bottoms.
Advice. To prevent cracking wash with soap, nipples after feeding dry air, grease nipple before feeding a few drops of milk. If the crack is still there, lubricators “Bepanten” (this ointment does not need to be washed before feeding) to relieve pain during feeding, you can use cushions but no more than two consecutive days.
Colostrum appears in the first few hours after birth in the chest. It may be a bit, but a lot of the newborn is not needed. In 2-4 days after breasts nahrubayut birth and milk begins to flow in a much larger number than before. The milk produced in the mammary glands and the secreted breast ducts. Reflex milk production is stimulated by active sucking. The baby sucks by stimulating the nerve endings of the nipple and peripapillary zone in the pituitary gland begins to be produced prolactin hormone and milk production increases.

Diagram of the formation of breast milk
The milk ejection reflex begins another hormone – oxytocin. It pushes to eliminate the milk duct cancer like a bomb. The more you emptied your breast, the more oxytocin is produced and more milk is released. The development of this hormone dependent on the mother. Do not complicate the task itself, not nervous.
If a woman is happily expecting to feed a moment of relaxation and communication with the child will highlight milk as needed child.
In theory, everything is clear. In practice, three baby, even if all the time with the mother is a good shit and cleverly applied to the chest, not always able to completely empty it. Especially if breast tight and narrow milk ducts. After all, the baby can be thoughtful and Sonya.
Council . Worry about whether enough milk for your baby, makes sense to take home a couple of weeks. The main goal of the early days – to learn how to put the baby to the breast and prevent excessive flow and stagnation of milk in the breast. The newborn just a few drops of colostrum and several sucking movements to get tired and fall asleep. If you ztsidit just before feeding the breast softness, the inexperienced “sosunku” will be much easier to suck the soft breast.
If a child sucks good milk coming imperceptibly. In another case, a woman feels weight and chest pain, fever. In 3-4 days after birth and at any time during the first two weeks, you may find that the chest become “fossilized” hot, heavy. If you feel fullness in the chest or palpated painful nodules, this means that the output of milk you need not just feed the little heart of content, but ztsidzhuvatysya.
Council . Limit vыpyvaemuyu liquid to 1 liter per day. If you really want to drink, you can either wash your mouth or suck ice cubes. By otekayuschey mama can put cabbage leaves without touching the nipples and areola. In the fullness of breast massage can also make ice cubes. Important side compression correct bra notice and the lower parts of the breast.
Pay special attention to the armpit: this part is released from the breast milk worse. After feeding to the breast should be gentle enough probing (mass, if not as cloth) without condensation. If not – please contact the nurses and ask for help.
Do not press the tight breasts while nursing. But the light stroking towards the nipple will stimulate the emptying of the breast. There is no need ztsidzhuvatysya completely. Pumping is necessary if you want to maintain lactation, when the child is separated from the mother and if the mother manifested discomfort in the breast, and the balance between the arrival of the child’s appetite and milk until established.
The kid can suck more, or less. See how breastfeeding techniques follow, putting the baby to the breast in different poses for fully breast sporozhnyav.
After two or three weeks, when the baby grows a bit and starts sucking more milk, and nahrubat breast stop, you can stop pumping. The main entry during milk – feel relief in the chest after feeding and prevent the formation of condensation. A left breast milk includes a mechanism, and decrease the amount of milk according to the needs of your child.
If excess milk is not then attach to the baby’s breast every time he asks for it, and let him suck as much as he wants. In the first days the baby can almost always nap in the chest. In the stomach, the baby’s milk is about two hours. And if the baby screaming hour after meal – it is possible that he was not worried about hunger.
If you feel the milk that is not enough in the breasts, give your child a chance to suck both breasts at each feed. Focus on the circumstances, do not be nervous, and look for the option that suits you and your baby.
During the first weeks of life, the feeding number can be up to 12-15 times a day, and the intervals between them – from 1 to 5 hours. Feeding “on demand” in this neuporyadochennom mode does not last long. By month baby will determine your approximate mode. You may think that breastfeeding is established if the breast is not full, and the baby sucks so much that after feeding there is no need ztsidzhuvatysya (chest not kameneet). For mothers without the milk surplus indicator of well-being is that the child is gaining weight normally, often (two hours) is fed and in a good mood.

The criteria for milk suitability:

  • on birth weight is an increase in weight per 600 m (minimum) per month;
    • normal chair: yellow, pureed, no mucus, no green (although dirty diaper can pozelenity) abundant.
    Chart note the weight of your baby. If the curve is the weight chart in a gray area, there is no reason to worry. If the curve above the gray zone but the baby is fed only breast milk and in this case, all that is good, only baby grows hero and actively gaining weight.

Manual pumping engineering

Wash and dry hands. If the milk should be preserved, prepare sterilized dishes with lids (milked milk can be stored at room temperature for 12 hours in the freezer refrigerator – up to a month).
To improve the flow of milk before pumping can:
• make warmth in the chest for a few minutes to drink something hot;
• gently massage the breasts in a spiral towards the areola; Easy to caress your chest from the base to the nipple;
• roll the nipple between thumb and forefinger.
Well sit or stand, put the glass under your chest.
Place your thumb in the areola, and the gauge is medium – when (the tips of the fingers and nipple should be on the same vertical line).
Press your thumb and index finger into the areola toward the nipple and moving your fingers in a circle that will cause all of the breast particles to maintain these movements. Preferably breast express at least 3-5 minutes, but not more than 20-30 minutes, changing hands.
Council . No book or article online will help you as an experienced and friendly woman. Do not hesitate to ask for help, do not expect mastitis early. When pumping milk do not drip drops on fingers and sprinkle trickle.
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