Fashion Trends January

Everyone has fashion cravings, fear that they remain at the stage of envy without going through the box euphoric acquisition. I spoke of the Repetto ballerinas in my wishlist, I have not received of course but however I got some money I can spend like I hear it!

Balances are coming, and my closeness with Paris makes me dream… For balances, I must now make a list of what I need, or more broadly to what I have already. Otherwise I go into my favorite brands to take an equivalent of what I took the previous year, finding me with virtually identical parts and more too want to put in the end…

So this year, for sales, I would like to…

Shoes Chie Mihara:

Quite my style, and shoes that could reconcile with the heels! Big problem: the price. They are horribly expensive for a small student like me, addicted to video games (expensive also) in addition!

2 reasonable models for which I fell, and I could offer me if there is a rather interesting discount on sales (dropping the price around 120-150 euros):

200 euros the pair of shoes, it is expensive, isn’t it?
That’s why I’ll be watching this, hoping to come across a good deal… I’ll also take a look in different shops of Paris, you never know, it’s always a matter of luck these stories here!

The jegging:

Or jeans high on the spandex, if you prefer to  it is in the shape of jean leggings, which will even include a zipper or buttons instead of the elastic Lord which leaves traces on the belly.
That could allow me to no longer offend my slims down, put them with boots
However regarding me, mandatory tunic!

I have a soft spot for the visible models at Asos

It takes on average £ 30 per piece, which is about 33 euros at the time of writing this article.

The carrot pant:

Because unlike many, I like me this pants. I like it when there’s volume in an outfit. I am convinced that if we choose well his carrot pant, it won’t look like a tramp with a lange (which is rather the effect of harem pants, carrot pant is not supposed to go as low… then anyway, the harem pants, I put already all summer ^^)
This allows, if well chosen and well door, quickly feminize an outfit. And then with the dump Mihara, above, I’m sure that it cartonnerait! Decorated with a sweater Turtleneck tucked in pants and a vest of man because I am fan of the vests of man: p

Robettes, tunics and warm vests:

Because I’m almost always in pants, and a little change would not hurt
I picked a few blogs of fashionistas for ideas, and it’s always a huge surprise that I realize that a good part of their wardrobe comes from H & M and Zara. So explain to me why me, when I go into these stores here, I can’t find anything! (because I can’t get, yes maybe too…)

Balances of January 2010, it is so decided, I take on me and let my agoraphobia in the closet to keep more than 2 minutes in a Zara or H & M. it’s probably doable… isn’t it?