Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

In this season where skirts and long dresses, short pants and overalls are very high, many pregnant little girls are afraid to bet on these pieces because they are seen as “enemies” of their silhouette.

Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Being short does not have to be a drama in a woman’s life! Just know your proportions well and choose what suits you.
Here are some cool tips.

Outside Feet-The first one is that high heels are not a must for the little ones (if they get pregnant, then …). It’s important to wear  short tops because as they leave a visible part of your foot, it is visually incorporated into the leg, making you look bigger. Contrary to popular belief, sneakers are super-suited for short ones because they have short sleeves.

Image: Office style

Already the oxfords, by covering the whole foot, shrink even more who uses them. To use this type of footwear, the short ones should use with short pieces, to compensate for the lack of exposed skin.

So the more skin on the show, the higher you’ll look.

Natalie Portman has 1.60m and was able to take advantage of the sneaker

Monochrome Looks-It does not mean that you should always wear the same color from head to toe. Just worry about using parts in the same tone: either everything light or everything dark. This will prevent “cuts” that flatten your silhouette.

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Mini lengths-Parts above the knee are the ones that most favor the little ones. But if you can not always wear them, opt for parts below the ankle. Avoid the pieces that get in the middle of the road, because they “cut” your silhouette. This goes for skirts, dresses and pants.

Image Mood Pregnant

Natalie Portman, is an example of a mignon that knew how to use the pieces that favored him best.

Notice that she adopted monochromatic looks and used the right lengths (either above the knees or below the ankle)

But if you’re short, but you do not want to give up season hits, follow these tips:

Cropped trousers-They even flatten the silhouette, but you can soften this effect by adopting the monochromatic look and giving preference to the pants with straight mouth.

To compensate for the use of cropped trousers, the mignons should use the upper part in a tone close to the trousers, forming a monochromatic look.

For the little ones, it would be perfect if the shirt was black!

Long Skirts-They are more interesting for the short ones than the midi skirts. Invest in cutting A.

Juliana Silveira bet on a straight skirt and the same color as the blouse

Overalls-Generally, overalls are a piece that looks good on any biotype.
However, petits should opt for tighter, more monochromatic models. The more uniformity in color, the better.

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